For a Better Health in 2018


This year, I challenge myself to be healthier in many ways. Not only because 2018 is gonna be the "it" year for me, but also to get back in shape & gain my confidence again (because recently, I don't). So here are few changes that I will do in 2018. Let's not set the goal of kilograms or calories. Let's just do it for a healthy body, and all the numbers are just bonus!

In 2018, I will..

1. Drink tons of water
This is the key of a healthy body. In fact, I got headache if I don't drink enough water in a day. After I research a bit, water does help you relieves fatigue & flushes out the toxins in your body. (and it gives you a better skin too.) A simple tip you can try: drink 1 glass every hour, you'll feel better next!

2. Limit snacks & sweets
I got a bad habit of wanting to eat snacks or sweets after a meal. Usually after lunch or after dinner, I still want to munch but I don't want a big meal. In the end, I can not maintain my body weight and I hate it! So I will limit my snacks & sweets, I can only have 2-3 snacks each week!

3. Try to eat more fruits
For my close friends, you might already know that I don't like fruits (like, at all. Literally.). So this year, lets do the big changes! I will start eating fruits, even it is small amounts, but it counts!

4. Finish the meal smarter
When I have lunch or dinner, I usually finish the carbs first before finishing the proteins/veggies. This year, lets do the opposite. I will finish the proteins & veggies first, and then finish the carbs if there are still plenty spaces in my stomach.

5. Exercise regularly
Last year, I did Zumba class regularly, but I stopped after a while, because my other activities that keeps me from going to the gym. This year, let's re-start it again. I installed some apps in my phones that help me exercise regularly for 15-30mins a day, and I promise you it's an easy moves for such a beginner like me.

There you go, a promise to myself that I will treat my body better this year. Hopefully it turns out well!

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