For some of us, Sunday is a day to be spent being adventurous or strolling around town hopping places from one to another. 
For the rest of us, Sunday is a day to be spent staying at home, chilling while watching movies or listening to the music, or spending time with the beloved one. 
I am obviously this type.

I love spending my Sunday with my family, or my boyfriend, just chilling and relaxing. Sometimes we go watch the movies, or cooking at home, working on some videos, or going on a date to a cafe nearby.

For a super-casual Sunday, what could be better than wearing something super comfortable? I am taking out my favorite ribbon top, and for an afternoon comfy-walk, I guess the answer is to put on culottes and your favorite shoes! A cute clutch (I prefer something simple, with a twist) is absolutely perfect for Sunday!

Top and Cullote are vintage, Glasses by Karamata, Bag by Les Femmes, Shoes by Pull & Bear
How about you? What is your favorit to-go outfit on Sunday? Let me know your choices! See you in my next post, love <3