As I graduated from university, now I'm stepping into one new chapter of my life, with a new title: a jobseeker!

I am now applying for few jobs, online and offline. I am following my passion for fashion, so I applied for some fashion jobs.

White shirt by Connection, Skirt by LM Hardware, Watch by WOODKA, Shoes by Adorable Project

My dream job would be related to my passion. I am interested in fashion industry, especially fashion stylist, fashion editor, and fashion content writer. I am thrilled to search and take every opportunity in finding these positions.

And of course, I'd love to hear from you if you have any useful information about fashion vacancy. You can leave a comment below, or contact me through email. I am open to do some styling for your projects, too. I'd be happy to hear from you soon!

To celebrate and start the new age (I'm officially 22 now!) I decided to dye my hair! And I think you can guess the color.. yes, magenta! I am always a big fan of pink, either the soft one or the dark one. So when it comes to hair-dye, I chose magenta without any doubts.

Yayyyy! It's pink! 

And it turned out looks so good and even better than I expected! I only dyed a half-part of my hair, on my right side starting from behind my ear to the neck.

By having my hair colored, I took bigger responsibility to take care of my new hair, since colored-hair is a little tricky to taken care of. And it marks my new age, it means I'm changing, I'm growing, I'm improving.

I had so much fun playing with the balloons and of course, rockin the new pink hair! 

So.. I hope you like the new look as well as I like it. See you on my next post! Don't forget to leave feedback on the comment box below, dear <3