1. My health

2. The sun, the trees, the waters

3. My family's happiness (they are all that matters)

4. My best friends' happiness

5. Met new friends here and there

6. A high jump on work (a lot of stress, but I'm getting there)

7. Nailed my freelance job

8. Started getting endorsed & jobs in photography

9. First time got invited to a Fashion Event! 

10. The holidays; the mountains, the beaches, all of it.

11. Good music & good food through out the year

12. Engaged to the man I love

13. To love & feel loved

14. To laugh & have good memories

15. Good times & bad times

I can say 2017 is such a great year for me, one of the greatest. And I can't wait what 2018 has to offer. So bring it on, 2018. I am beyond ready.

❤ K

Christmas is around the corner but you don't have enough time to buy some gifts? Worry not, I've got some ideas that can be useful for your last minute rush! Scroll down and read!

source: unsplash.com
Beauty Hampers
The easiest and fastest way will be going to the nearest drugstore or beauty store, and get a gift package of 3-4 products that is useful for daily usage. Beside it looks pretty, everybody loves it!

source: unsplash.com
If you want to be thoughtful enough, go buy a book for your loved ones. Pick out the best-selling books and give a little personal touch by writing down a short message on the first page. They will sure love their gifts!

source: unsplash.com
Cozy Shawls
I mean, who doesn't love cozy shawls? It's pretty, useful, and also easy to find in your favorite offline or online stores. Perhaps choose the one with their favorite color? <3

source: unsplash.com
Scented Candles
Lets be honest, everybody is talking about it! Me myself love some scented candles, especially the ones with the soft & not-so-strong scents. You can find it easily in some home&living stores. Close your eyes & think about the person who you want to give this gift when you're choosing the scents! 

You might or might not agree, but those gift ideas always save me & always bring happiness to the person who receives it. May you have a happy & blessed Christmas, everyone! Cheers!

♥ K
You know that I am always been a big fan of vintage and old-school style. And this time, I've been craving for a 'Peranakan' breakfast somewhere in Jakarta. I suddenly remember that I used to go to this little coffee shop few years back.

You might already heard about this coffee shop, Kopitiam Oey. After few years, the place hasn't changed a bit and still embracing the old Melayu-infused vibe that is for me, really lovable.

We had toast & coffee for breakfast, along with old music playing in the background. It was a good time to cherish, because I always love having breakfast with my favorite person, in such a cozy place.

And wait till you hear it, the place also has nice spot to take your OOTD! This time I wear my current favorite pants & pair it with the comfy top. And it's the perfect moment to wear my vintage sunglasses, don't you think? Call me granny, but I love it, so what? xD

Top by shopatvelvet, Pants by SAGE, Shoes by adidas, Bag by Kalani, Sunglasses by realfashionlvrs
How did you spend your weekend morning? Let me know and I'll see you in my next post, loves!

❤ K
Well hello! 

I've been wanting to write about this but this post needs a longer time to think, what to write & what not to write. So inhale, exhale. 

There are times when you feel like negativity is all around, no one supports you, or no one listens to you. Well I did feel that sometimes. Getting older, I am realizing that not everyone is good enough to help you grow and be a better person. There are some kind of people who are not good enough to be with.

These are the people who are always jealous, who are self-centered, and always spread negativity all around. These type of toxic people will make you listen to them, do as they said, always makes you feel guilty and wrong. Recognize that these kind of people are always around drama, conflicts, or stress. (I mean, we all do. But these kind of people are beyond.) 

And how do I deal with those kind of people? I walk away. It means I can still be friends with them, but I keep some distances because I know listening to them will do me no good. Trust me, you don't do something bad by avoiding those kind of people. You are doing yourself a favor. You are saving yourself instead. Life is hard enough already, so why bother making it harder?

Feel free to share your thoughts if you disagree with my point of view. Because in the end sharing is caring! See you in my next post, loves!

❤ K