Hi! How’s life? Mine was so great lately. I've been a lil bit busy, yet I still had a holiday with my boyfriend to Semarang earlier this November :D  It was only for 3 days, but I had enough fun meeting my best friend since high school! But when Monday strikes again, the weekend is over and the workweek begins again.
These past few days there is a lot going on in my head. One of them is the fact that my boyfriend gonna leave Jogjakarta as soon as he got a job (maybe in Jakarta). I’m sad but at the same time I know it is for the best! And somehow I believe I’ll be back in J-town soon too. Yeah I've been feeling blue these past weeks.

They said blue is the color of sadness and a gloomy day. Too much blue can expresses melancholy, and too little blue brings depression, timidity, and suspicion. What I am feeling these past few days is a kind of sadness blue. But you know, there are many types of blue. Different shades and tints of blue have different feelings. Dark blue can be seen as elegant, sophisticated, and old-fashioned, and light blue can be seen as honesty and trustworthiness.

Dark Blue Outer by Lemon Lime, Vintage White Sleeveless Shirt, Navy Blue Jeans by Hammer,
Shoes by Connexion, Bag by Gaudi

However, blue also expresses the color of ocean, the color of sky, the color of sleep, and the color of twilight. It’s about open spaces, freedom, intuition, imagination, and inspiration. So I think, whenever you’re feeling blue, just remember sadness is not the only thing about blue.

Combination of dark blue and white create a nautical, oceanic color that often represents sailing and sailors. For a college day in a rainy month, I picked my lovely dark blue outer because it is sooooo comfortable, and I wear my white sleeveless shirt which is wearable for my daily college days. My bag matched my outfit that day. It is a blue bag with a lil touch of pink on each side. And if you take a closer look to the picture, I picked my flower hairpin too :D

See you in my next post!