Hello hello!

It's been a while since the last time I list down my wardrobe essentials. As my style changes and all the work duties also changes, lets see whats my go-to essentials for my everyday look!

1. Basic Top
Well you know. I don't know how many times I told you before, I love love love basic tops. Plain tees, classic white shirt, turtlenecks, I love 'em all! They are timeless and you can wear it & mix and match it as you want it.

2. Mom Jeans
I finally found my favorite jeans of all time. Highwaist & mom jeans! What could be better? It easily gives me vintage touch but at the sometimes chic & casual.

3. Sneakers
If you ask me what's my rock-shoes? Well, sneakers all the way! I haven't wear any flats for a long time, and for heels, I don't use it very often. Sneakers has been my all-day shoes, because it is very comfy to wear all day long!

4. Big Tote
New job, bigger responsibilities, new photography project, and all wedding preps - I just need one big big bag to put all my stuffs in. And I can say that this classic black tote is a must-have!

5. Earrings
You probably wondering why I've been wearing earrings lately, yes! I've finally got my ears pierced! So bare with me, my next instagram posts gonna be all about me wearing different kind of earrings.

There you go, love! What about you? What's your current wardrobe essentials? Do let me know in the comment box and I'll see you in my next post!

♥ K


Finally spend sometime in between weekdays to write a post on my blog. Like few months ago, I always have some spare times during the busy weekdays to do what I love, writing. But this past few weeks have. been. crazy! After works, I stumbled to my room, have dinner, take a bath, and fell asleep right away because I've been so tired with everything. New job & new responsibilities, wedding preparations, blogging, social media freelance job, new photography project, and juggling between duties to be with family and friends. Oh this girl needs a break! 

But now I realize the key is to be grateful every single time. Don't whine. And just look at the bright side (even there will always be the bad side, too). And I'm learning to manage my time properly this time. So here goes! 

In between all those busy busy weekdays (and weekend, too), I always spend some time on coffee (while still working..). And last weekend, I spent some times with my boyfriend - or so called fiance - to have a coffee and discuss about all the wedding preparations & our photography project. It was a nice date indeed! And you know what's best to accompany my coffee-date? Yes, a comfy pair of outfits! 

This time I'm wearing my ultimate combo: denim pants + denim jacket. And pair it with my newest white baseball tee from H&M Men Collection. A tip for you guys who also love oversize & basic staples; do take a look to men collections! You might find some good stuff there! 

What about you guys? What do you usually do to take a break between busy days? Let me know! 

See you in my next post, loves!

♥ K

I've been busy for the past few weeks (with works, wedding preparations, etc.) But.. I have good news to tell you!

So you might have heard.. me & my fiance started our own photography project called @tersirat.id! We are open for business for photography & videography for your engagement, pre-wedding, or any kind of photo shoot. And not to mention, we set our price very affordable so you guys don't have to worry! Just shoot us an email in tersirat.id@gmail.com and we'll talk further about your photography needs. I'll be posting more of our portfolios in the following days, so stay tune!

We are extremely happy to start our own photo and video business. Its just something that we've been doing for the past years and it is a blessed to finally have people trusting us in capturing the moments. We know the business is not big, but its ours. ❤

So.. I'll see you in my next post loves!

Hello, how you guys doing? 

You might have noticed there is no blog post last week, I had to rest the full week because I was sick, so sorry for the delay! But I'm all better now, so it's time to write again! This time I will share with you few of my March Favorites. Actually there are not so many, since I've been very busy during March in my new job, new responsibilities, and also busy of all the wedding preparations. Please bare with me, will you? 

Like what I did in February, I will share my favorite Fashion Items, Beauty Products, and also Songs that I've been listening to. Let's jump right in!

There are 2 things that I've been wearing constantly this month. Blazer, and big tote bag. And these are 2 of my favorites item! The first one is blazer from Uniqlo. The color is grey, so it goes well with every other color. It has formal cut, but if you roll the sleeves, it gives you a casual #ladyboss look. The second one is big tote bag from Dress to Kill. It's one my favorite brand from my hometown, Yogyakarta. Why I love it? Because it can carry literally everything! It is quite spacious and also the faux leather material gives it an elegant-casual look. 

Down to beauty section, this month there are 2 products that I am obsessed with. The first one is matte lipstick from LAYN Cosmetics in shade Miro. I love love love love this lipstick so much! The packaging is so pretty, the color is buildable brick red that you can wear daily. It gives a fresh-bold look and I can say that this is my most favorite red lipstick so far! Other product is body scrub from Sensatia Botanicals, they called Island Spice Sea Salt Scrub. The smell is so good, and because it is organic, it feels very gentle to my skin and not drying at all. I really recommend you to try their amazing products!

There are few songs that I've been listening back and forth these past few weeks. It kinda gives me chill-vibe especially when I'm working at night, or just when I get ready in the morning. Do give a try to listen to these songs! 
- Recent Times - Snoh Aalegra
- Good Love - 11:11
- Chilly - Niki

There you go, my favorites during this month. Hope you like it, see you in my next post, loves!

♥ K