Here goes a not-so-long-but-kinda-deep post of mine.

I’ve been a little caught up with my full-time job. It’s getting more and more exciting every single day. Looking back to few years ago, I never know that I can make it to this industry, at least to learn. I am a bachelor with science degree, but then I work in a fashion company, which is always been my great passion. A lil hard at first, but I’m learning. The best thing that happens to me right now is I learn a looooot. I learn everything. It makes me super happy every day.

A job at a fashion company requires me to pay attention to what I’m wearing, what goes with what, and of course all those little details. This time I’m creating a suit-like outfit, but it’s actually a bomber jacket (so in, who doesn’t have it these days?) and a jogger pants! Pairing them with white shirt and white sneakers, and I’m off to go! This look give you the professional-casual look, and effortlessly uber-cute at the same time. The kind of outfit you’ll love to wear to the office!

Bomber Jacket and Jogger Pants by The Executive, Shirt by Uniqlo,
Sneakers by Adidas Originals, Watch by Woodka, Glasses by Calvin Klein
Speaking about the office, I realize that my job makes me think more, learn more about fashion industry. But above that, I also learn many characters of people, how to treat people, how to work in a team. This is a great big beginning of everything. I am excited to learn more and to seek for opportunities, and I am so ready to see where life will take me.

I learn a lot. And I’m grateful, I’m blessed. I grow :)

See you in my next post, ladies!