Hi all! This time I’m sharing a sight from my double life as a student, and as a fashion blogger. You guys might think that a fashion blogger is a fancy person, who’s livin a fancy life and doing shopping all the time, and many other things which are quite wrong.

So here goes, some facts about the life behind the blog, from my point of view.

We don't shop that much! 
A fashion blogger doesn’t shop “that much”! Believe it or not, I am a big fan of thrift-shopping! You don’t always have to buy expensive stuffs. Sometimes you can buy less-expensive things and make it looks nice by mixing it in the right way. Trust me, the best thing you can wear is confidence. So whatever you wear, if you are confident with it, you will look great! Here’s a tips: fill your wardrobe with 80% of basic pieces like jeans, basic tee and blouses, tailored pants, suit, and some dresses. And the other 20%, you can fill with some trending fashion pieces. Because in my opinion, if you always follow trend, they will be like ‘so yesterday’ in the next few months or the next few years.

Workin. Workin. Workin. 
A fashion blogger works everytime, everywhere. We can work from the office, at home while wearing loose t-shirt, or even when we’re abroad. I am basically working from my home almost on every blog-post I’ve made. I am just sitting in front of my laptop and writing ideas and everything. Because for me, I am taking this blog professionally as a job, as a hobby that I’m workin it with love and passion.

No fancy life
A fashion blogger can still eat everything they want. We still use public transportations, or even walk from place to place. We basically just ordinary human being. We basically just livin a life like other people is. Nothing fancy.

We're still learning, too
A fashion blogger is still learning about fashion too! We are no fashion god. So we still need to hear comments and feedbacks from other people. I think that fashion is keep growing and changing everyday, so that’s why I think fashion blogger is still learning about fashion too. You don’t have to copy all styles or buy everything a blogger is wearing. Because it’s okay to have your own style, as long as you feel good in it.

Strike a pose, no?
I am still learning how to work in front of the camera xD Honestly, you might think my instagram feed is such a hall-of-fashion-photos. But no. They’re not. Most of the time, I ask my friends or my brothers or sisters to take some photos of me. And almost all photos were taken on the sidewalk in random time, when we’re on our way to someplace.

I hope that explains some questions how do I live behind the blog. Don;t forget to leave a comment when you visit my blog, I'd love to hear from you! <3