If you ask me what its like being a mother? I'll answer - it's a mess. A beautiful, wonderful, mess. 

The first 2 weeks was the hardest. I feel like I couldn't sleep, all I did was breastfed my baby, put him to sleep, and I felt like my life was taken away from me. 

It sometimes feels like suddenly, you're all alone again. It sort of feels like you've been preparing this unbelievable wonderful meal, and everyone is enjoying it in the dining room, and you find yourself eating alone in the kitchen. It feels like everyone will talk about the meal, not the chef. It feels like everyone will ask about the baby, not the mom. It feels like your life is now centered around him, and everyone forget to ask how it feels to keep everything centered. 

I myself, luckily have a support system that I can count on. My husband has been very supporting and my family helps me take care of the baby. Beside that, I tried to packed in some time to write a blog. In the meantime, I put on some face mask and ordered my favourite food. I tried to take care of myself as much as I take care of my baby. Even self care is a small reminder of self love, and will keep me sane. 

We all -mothers- need something that can reminds the mother that she is still her, and who she is and always has been, that her new baby is a new aspect to her life, not the obliteration to her identity. 

So I'll say - ask the mama, how is she feeling, how can we help her, what does she need. See if we can help the new mother to feel like herself again. To feel supported and loved. 

To this day I dealt with all of these on my own, not fully recovered and not fully figured out, but slowly getting there. 
Seeing his tiny smile and hearing his soft little laughs, I know I'll get there. 🖤