Top by Gaudi, Jeans by Giordano, Shoes by Airwalk, Watch by Something Borrowed

Finding my own path, my own voice, my own thoughts and point of views, it won’t be easy. it’s gonna be hard. People are going through stuffs. Hard stuffs. I’m going through hard stuffs, you’re going through hard stuffs, everybody is.
You just keep walking. You know you can’t just stop walking. You make your own story. You choose, you live. That’s pretty much how you gonna get far in life. Just be you, because nobody else can be you. What you do, matter. What you dream and what you chase, it matters.
We, women these days, we live our own dreams. We do something. We have plans, we have passions, we give opinions, we think, we lead. We wouldn’t want it any other way.
Talking about dreams, we all have one. Or two or more. Either the one we choose to show to the world, or the one we choose to keep to ourselves. From what I think, dreams are not supposed to be a secret, just because we scared.  If it is not their dreams, it’s fine, it’s totally fine. You deserve to have your own dream and no one can change your dream. Because if it’s what you wanna be, it must be good. You choose to wanting it, because it’s good, right?
Me myself, I choose to dream big. I wanna be a Geophysicist, but in the other hand, I dream to be a fashion blogger and I plan to making it big. And people keep asking me, what are you doing you crazy little girl, you know nothing about your life ahead, what in the world is this job gonna give you? Well I’m saying, so what? Our job here is not only values clothes and shoes and bags and fashion thingy. We value lifestyle. We value daily needs. We value everybody’s choice. We value what matters. And not everybody pay attention to this, but we do. If we don’t, who will do?
I’m not doing it for the money or the dimes. I’m doing it because I love it. Because it’s my passion. I’m writing it not for the number of viewers, not for the likes on my Instagram account, not for the popularity. It’s much more for myself. For that moment of satisfaction, for that small moment of happiness and joy. If you like it and if you’re okay with me being a fashion blogger, that’s just a bonus! And I believe that one day, all my hard works gonna be paid off somehow!
So do you. Don’t be afraid to dream big or be anything you wanna be, even if people say you can’t :)