Hi all! This time I'm gonna share to you my make up routine, yay!

But please note that I'm not an expert so what I wrote here might not be 100% correct and make senses. And please take another note that every skin type might needs different skin care, different methods, and different shades.

Ok, here goes!

Before applying make-up, I always moisturize first! I moisturize both my skin and my lips. Recently, my lips is soooooo dry so I have to double-moisturize it using Nivea colorless lipbalm and Revlon Superlustrous Gloss. After that, I usually clean my skin using a toner. Because my skin is so oily, I always use oil-free toner.

After getting my skin ready, I apply my Magical CC Cream from Beauty Story. Besides the color is not too strong, I honestly recommend this product because it has SPF and the best thing is, paraben free! After applying CC Cream, I usually do my eyebrows first (I know I know. Eyebrows are important to me!.) I always do my eyebrows using brow pencil and brow mascara.

The next step will be adding some blush to the cheek! I use a cream blush in peach color from Emina. Besides applying cream blush, sometimes I also use some concealer to cover up the eye-bag and pimples. Ok the last step is applying loose powder from Larissa! I love this loose powder because it is translucent and it is designed for oily and sensitive skin, and that’s just perfect to my skin! To complete the look, I finish it with matte lipstick/lip cream. Sometimes I feel like wearing nude shades, but sometimes I feel like wearing deep red or bold purple. It depends! 

But, my favorite daily lipstick goes to these two: BLP Lip Coat in Persimmon Pie & Purbasari no. 83! They are not too pink, not too dark, not too nude, not too bold. Just perfect <3

There you go, my super simple and 15-mins-only make up routine. How about you? Let’s share your make-up routine with me! :)