The wait is over! As I promised you, here I present, the very first look-book in my blog: Cool Kids of The Block! 

Models : Kei, Nadira, Ela, Annisa
Photograph : Annisa

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This one is actually not the usual kind of post I’ve wrote. This time I’m sharing some photos of my last Sunday activity, some shots from my friend, the talented Mr.Faiz Muttaqy (you should check on his instagram!) We went to this iconic giant ferris wheel in Sindu Kusuma Edupark (SKE) Jogjakarta. We were just basically taking some photos and strolling around the park, and spending good times on weekend, before we head back to busy weekdays!

Top by Lemon Lime, Jeans by Giordano, Shoes by Airwalk
The man behind the camera
Please enjoy some pictures and do make a visit to this beautiful theme park if you have spare time! And everywhere you go, don’t forget to snap :)

Left to right: Nadira - Faiz - Me. We had so much fun!

We finally had a chance to spend a week in Bali together! My family has been planning for the trip for so long, but we never had a chance because of everybody’s business. And finally we’re here!

Enjoying sunset view at Tanah Lot
We arrived in Bali on second day of Ied. We stayed in Bali for 5 days 4 nights, in a hotel named Asana Agung Putra around Kuta. It was a very nice place in the middle of Kuta. We can just walk to get to the beachwalk mall, to the tiny shops along Kuta or along Legian. There were soooo many good shops with variable choices and variable prices. I can spend hours just strolling around, from shop to shop. There were also many good restaurants and café. What I love of all these is, every food they served is in big portion and the most important thing is, they always served fresh veggies! (I’m a big fan of veggies, but not a big fan of fruits)

Our dinner at Cafe Batujimbar, Seminyak

The very famous Nasi Ayam Bu Mangku Kadewatan!

We started our day with a breakfast in the hotel (I love how the hotel crew really talked to each visitors every morning on breakfast time. They were really nice, asking about plan of the day, how was the food, and everything). After that we went to Kadewatan to try out the famous ‘Nasi Ayam Bu Mangku’. It. Was. So. Good! The next destination is Pasar Ubud. I love this place too! They sell many handcrafted goods, in reasonable price! We also enjoyed having gelato in a very sunny day. After that we went to Ku.De.Ta in Seminyak to catch sunset. This place is a club, facing the beach. We can either sit at the club or sit at the beach and play around. It really was a nice place to enjoy sunset with the beloved ones.

This little cute shop around Ubud

Who doesn't love gelato for a sunny day?

Mommy enjoying sunset at Ku.De.Ta, Seminyak

On the third day, we went to Tanjung Benoa to play some watersports! This was the second best thing on this trip! (I’ll tell you the first one later). We spent half-day there and played flying fish, parasailing, and banana boat. All of our clothes were wet but yet we were soooooo happy and laughing all the time! After that we went to Tanah Lot to catch sunset. Tanah Lot was also very beautiful (and a lil bit magical, somehow). We took a lot of pictures there. We were planning to watch Kecak Dance in Tanah Lot, but unfortunately there was no show for that night because they used the place for some kind of praying. For the dinner, we went to this restaurant called ‘Café Batujimbar’ in Seminyak.

Brother and I are having so much fun!
Colors, and blue sky
On the 4th day, me and my sister and my brother took a walk around Kuta and Legian, from morning to noon. We strolled around store to store and bought some nice things, while my mom and my dad were enjoying time at a café around Kuta. After that, we went to Sukowati to buy some souvenirs. The next destination is Ubud! I think Ubud is the best place to stay in Bali. It is actually far from the beach, but somehow it has many beautiful views too. Hills and mountains and little shops and café around the road, and so many traditional Balinese cultures on every corner. At the night, we watched Kecak Dance Show in Pura Taman Sari, Ubud. This is the very best thing on this trip! I love love love love the show. It is somehow super-magical, it is a lil bit creepy, but it is the most ‘Balinese’ experience I love. Unfortunately I was so serious watching the show and didn’t take a lot of pictures :(

Mommy enjoying time at Kuta

My everyday essentials during holiday <3

Bali, thanks for the warm greetings, the great stay, the nice view, and the good food. I will be back again. Soon. xx

It was a very beautiful holiday, thanks Bali <3