It’s holiday season! What do you do to spend your holiday? Well me, I spend it with final exams, sadly its not ‘holiday’ for us here at my university :(

But my girls and I still have time to go someplace cute and homey for lunch. Few days ago we went to this gorgeous café at Prawirotaman, called Lawas 613. They have super gorgeous interior designs and its kinda vintage and so homey. We love the food and the atmosphere. You should see it yourself :D

Me and my girls! :D

Talking about end-year season, how’s your 2014 resolution been going? My 2014 resolutions were not so bad. I actually reached some of them, for example I started this blog and started healthy-eating-lifestyle. But of course I still have some plans that unfortunately can’t be fulfilled this year.

White Vintage Sleeveless Shirt, White Blazer by E.S.P.A.D.A, Vintage Grey Skirt, and Ankle Boots by Hush Puppies

Anyway, this year has been fantastic! I met many new friends, many new experiences, and many other things that I can not mention one by one (with some struggle here and there). This year has taught me soooo much about everything, and I can’t wait to see what I’ll have next year :D

Happy new year everyone!

Hello people, this is my first D.I.Y guide! This time I’m gonna show you some easy ways to make your own “How to Wear” guide :D It is a kind of book, where you can put everything you want about fashion style or fashion items, it just like a look-book.

First step, prepare all the materials to make the look-book. I used sketch book to make my own fashion guide. You can use drawing book, notebook, or anything you have at home. And you might need some tools like scissor, glue, colored pencil, and you can use cute sticky notes too, to decorate the book. And of course, prepare some magazines (it doesn’t have to be a new one, you can use the old magazines) for some fashion materials :D

Then, pick your favorite picture from magazines and cut it out.  In my opinion, cut out some basic fashion style, so you can always use the guide book all the time. After that, glue them to the book. You can separate each style (ex: winter style, pastel colors, etc.) in different page of the book.

When you already fill the page with enough pictures, decorate it with words or sketches using the colored pencils and sticky notes. Voila! You have your own fashion-guide book that you can use in any occasion and any season! I named my fashion guide book as “How to Wear” guide :D

See you next time in my next post! Merry Christmas and happy new year everyone, spread the love ♡
Hi! How’s life? Mine was so great lately. I've been a lil bit busy, yet I still had a holiday with my boyfriend to Semarang earlier this November :D  It was only for 3 days, but I had enough fun meeting my best friend since high school! But when Monday strikes again, the weekend is over and the workweek begins again.
These past few days there is a lot going on in my head. One of them is the fact that my boyfriend gonna leave Jogjakarta as soon as he got a job (maybe in Jakarta). I’m sad but at the same time I know it is for the best! And somehow I believe I’ll be back in J-town soon too. Yeah I've been feeling blue these past weeks.

They said blue is the color of sadness and a gloomy day. Too much blue can expresses melancholy, and too little blue brings depression, timidity, and suspicion. What I am feeling these past few days is a kind of sadness blue. But you know, there are many types of blue. Different shades and tints of blue have different feelings. Dark blue can be seen as elegant, sophisticated, and old-fashioned, and light blue can be seen as honesty and trustworthiness.

Dark Blue Outer by Lemon Lime, Vintage White Sleeveless Shirt, Navy Blue Jeans by Hammer,
Shoes by Connexion, Bag by Gaudi

However, blue also expresses the color of ocean, the color of sky, the color of sleep, and the color of twilight. It’s about open spaces, freedom, intuition, imagination, and inspiration. So I think, whenever you’re feeling blue, just remember sadness is not the only thing about blue.

Combination of dark blue and white create a nautical, oceanic color that often represents sailing and sailors. For a college day in a rainy month, I picked my lovely dark blue outer because it is sooooo comfortable, and I wear my white sleeveless shirt which is wearable for my daily college days. My bag matched my outfit that day. It is a blue bag with a lil touch of pink on each side. And if you take a closer look to the picture, I picked my flower hairpin too :D

See you in my next post!

It’s been a while since I promised you to post a fashion column here. I’m so sorry because I’ve been so busy lately, campus’s schedule has been soooo tense and I’ve got a lot of things to do.  And yeah I’ve been trying this new look of me with no bangs, hoping it would look nice and more mature.

So here is my first fashion column! I’m so excited writing this post because it is what I’ve been waiting for :D

Few days ago, me with my girls went to this beautiful house (actually it’s a hotel, but it looks just exactly like a tiny cute house) called Rumah Paris Bed & Breakfast. We went there to take some beautiful pictures but turned out the house was rent by a family for 2 days so we could only took pictures in front of the house. From what I read before, the interior of this house is so adorable and cute and vintage, just exactly like a little house in Paris.

Sad that we couldn’t go inside this house, we went to our next destination: breakfast! We chose this little movie-themed café in Prawirotaman, called Cinema Bakery. And surprisingly there’s a little garden inside it!
Vintage black dressshoes by Payless, watch by Swiss Army, belt by LOGO, instax 8s by Fujifilm
Well at that day, I wore my favorite dress. You will not believe that I found this little black dress in a garage sale for only IDR 20k! And then I modified the cut so it looks new and not-so-old. It prove that you don't always need expensive and fancy dresses to look nice! And I put on this beautiful wedges, which was my first wedges back at the time. Yeah me and my girls actually agreed to dress up and wear beautiful clothes that day.

It was a beautiful day spent with my best girls. Quite a short-vacation with a touch of vintage and fashion :D

Hello! This is my first post since I'm a new blogger :p

I'm so excited for this blog and I'm planning to post more often when I have ideas and thoughts about fashion or any other stuff related to fashion and beauty :)

A lil introduction from me, my name is Kadya Kirana but my family call me Didiet, and my friends usually call me Kadya or KeiI'm 19 years old and now living in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Recently I'm studying Geophysics in Universitas Gadjah Mada, batch 2011

It's always been my passion in fashion. I remember I've been in love with fashion design since I was in elementary school ( though I didn't make very pretty sketches anyway :p ) and my love for fashion grows bigger and bigger day by day.

Now as a teenager, I love to make some fashion sketches, do some shopping ( who doesn't love this? ) and keep updating news in fashion globally. So far I haven't done or made something big that related to fashion, and this is challenging for me to make a new start in fashion.

And now I can't resist that I have to do something to explore my passion in fashion. So that's why I made this blog! :D
It has been my resolution in 2014 to have my own fashion blog. And now I'm finally posting my first post here!

I'm probably not gonna be very active in this blog since I'm still a student struggling with assignments, quiz, tests, laboratory and field projects, and of course friends and love. But I promise I will post as often as I can to keep update with the fashion world.

It's a pleasure to make this blog, and even more with you as the readers! Thanks and I'm really waiting for any suggestions or comments. 

Gonna post my first-fashion-related-column soon. Any ideas what is it about? ;)

See you very soon, XOXO