Hi hi! How was your week?

If you are in Jakarta, don't you love the chilly weather every afternoon? I love it! Yes I am a summer girl, but I love this chilly weather then and now. Especially if you are not outside, just chilling with works, music, and warm drinks at work or at home.

For this chilly weather, there are some outfit ideas that you can try! I added some mix and match that I usually wear, including accessories and occasions to wear it. Scroll down for more!

1. Office Chic
A tip on chilly weather outfit: Put up some layers! Do choose some comfy inner like turtleneck or knit sweater, and layer it with stylish outerwear like coat, furry jacket, or oversized denim jacket. You can just wear tailored pants or jeans, but make sure you're warm enough. Add high boots & add some simple accessories to give a formal touch to your whole look.

2. Coffee Date
What's best for a chilly day? Yes, hot coffee! I love a coffee date in the morning, in the afternoon, or even at night (and ended up having a long insomnia). For a sweet coffee date, layer your dress & legging with coat or jacket. Tips from me; add some colors to create the poppin look. Don't forget to add pretty sling bag, and you're good to go!

3. Relax at Home
Not feeling good to go out? Just relax at home! For a chilly-day at home, my choices go to a pair of relax tee & thick sweater. Put up socks & comfy beanie for a warmer touch.

Do you like the outfit ideas? Share your outfit essentials during these chilly days, I would love to know! See you in my next post loves!

♥ K

When you feel like world is crumbling down. When sadness turns into emptiness. You know how it feels when a big part of you, is taken. (Can be someone, can be something, can by anything.) 

When you can't sleep at night because your eyes are closed but your mind is everywhere. When there's nothing to be afraid of anymore, because its already happened. You know how it feels. 

When you know the pain will stay with you all the way. When you see others sad. When you can smile but it hurts more than it supposed to be. You know how it feels. 

But then. 

When you suddenly see the bright part of the story. When you see there's actually something to be celebrated. When you know pain is not forever. 

When you realize that when nothing's left, there still hopes. When you see that when you have hopes, the universe give you something in return. 

When you know that, "this too, shall pass." 

Then suddenly. 

Everything seems okay. Everything seems normal. That it's not a bad life, it's just a bad day. When you realize that you were blessed, more than ever. 

"When a door closes, opportunity knocks". I believe in that now, I really do. 

So here's to all sad girls. Know that pain will go away. Know that you are more than just fine. Know that everything is okay. Know that somewhere someday, you'll feel better. 

Someday, soon.

♥ K

Hi! How's life?

I'm writing to share about my beauty-routine update, because the big day is only 5 months away from now! (I'm panicking, help!)

Let's start with skincare habits. 

1. Brightening Serum
As I realize that my skin is in very bad condition lately (after 5-days of sun-bathing in Bali also), I started taking care of my skin seriously. My skin type is oily acne-prone skin, so it's very hard to find the perfect product that is gentle & works to make my skin better. After a while, I found the perfect combination of serums that's good for my skin: Vitamin C Brightening Serum from Wardah & Face Oil from Sensatia Botanicals. 

2. Moisturize
Even my skin is very oily, I always moisturize to avoid the breakout on my skin. I use the Water Bank Kit from Laneige. Beside that, I've been putting a lot of Aloe Vera Gel on my face & on my body regularly. It really helps reduce the redness & keep my skin glowing. (The healthy glow, not the oily glow). 

3. (A lot of) Face Masks
I used to put on face mask only once a week, but lately I've been wearing mask (the sheet ones or the peel-off ones or the clay ones) around 3-4 times a week. It really helps refresh & sooth my skin. And it feels so good to put on face mask after a tiring long day. I use Aloe Vera Gel from Banana Boat.  

4. Sunscreen
Well, this one is a must. Because if you've been taking a good care of your skin, you don't want to risk it all for pollution & too much UV, do you? So I really recommend to wear your Sunscreen every single time you go out. These are the brands that I love: Banana Boat, Biore, Wardah, Shiseido. 

5. Body Scrub
Not only your face, your body needs treatment too! I regularly scrub my body with Body Scrub from Sensatia Botanicals. They have various choice with very good smell, that leaves my skin very smooth & healthy. Lately, I've been using this product 2-3 times every month. 

Besides all the improvement in skincare routines, I also force myself to a healthier lifestyle. I avoid oily food, exercise regularly, and have enough sleep. It really helps to give you brighter skin, and no more panda eyes. 

That's it! Well, so far no significant improvement I've seen these past few weeks, but as they said, good thing takes time! So I'll just be patient and hoping all my efforts going to be paid off with the glowing & healthier skin on my big day! 

Hey by the way, tell me if you want me to keep sharing the stories behind my big day. I will be happy to have you guys alongside this journey. So, see you in my next post, loves!

♥ K

Hi! Starting this month, I'll dedicate one slot in my blog every month for a favorites! I'll share with you my favorites fashion items, beauty products, up to music I've been listening to. This time I'll share what's my favorites during this February! Let's jump right in!

There are 2 items that I've been wearing a lot lately. If you notice from my blog posts & instagram posts, I've been wearing this coat a lot. It's a double-breasted buttoned coat with brick color from @label8store. I think the color goes very well with my skin tone, and it kinda matches with basically everything. Since I love wearing basic staples so much, this coat really fits me well. 
The second one will be the flower earrings I got from @prolog.indonesia! Since I don't have piercing holes, this one (which is actually earclips) really perfect to complete my look. Anyway, I'm looking for other brands that also sell earclips, please let me know if you guys know one. 

This month, there are 3 beauty products that I've been obsessing about. First one is face oil from @sensatia_botanicals. For my super-oily and acne-prone skin, this oil suits me best and left a velvet touch on my skin. I feel that it makes my skin much better, it minimizes my pores, makes my skin less-oily, and reduces the redness from my acne. I would definitely recommend this product if you have the same skin problem as mine. 
The second one is foundation from @maybelline. This one is from the Fit-Me series in shade soft tan 228. It is mattifying foundation with medium to full coverage that has matte finishing, designed for oily skin like mine. So far, this one is my favorite among all foundations I've tried. 
The last one, is duo-lipstick from @elfcosmetics. It's a day-to-night lipsticks that have two shades. The first one with the nude tone is for daily use, and the other one with the darker shade is for night use. I love how creamy & moisturizing the lipstick that is gentle for my dry lips. 

I've been listening to few songs on-repeat these past weeks. They are:
- Teenage Fantasy by Jorja Smith
- These Days by Rudimental ft. Macklemore & Jess Glynne
- Excavate by Macklemore
- Loose by Daniel Caesar 
Please give it a listen (and read the lyrics also, they're beautiful). 

And that's it! I'm gonna try to post my favorites every month, so stay tuned! I'll see you in my next post, loves! 

♥ K