I’m guessing it’s been a month I haven’t post anythin in this blog. It’s been a busy month since I’m a senior-year-student and I’m quite busy with the struggle here and there :p So here I am!

Psst here some teaser of what I’ve been doing in my spare time: I’m doing some styling for my sister and brother and also some friends, it’s nice to know people actually see my passion for fashion! And I am also planning for a preloved goods sale with my best friends :D

Anyway, this time I’m wearing my super comfortable skirt from Hellopupu. I’m lovin this skirt so so so much! Well, I always have this thing about vintage and black. And the good news is you can wear this skirt either for daily outfit or formal outfit, you just need to pick the right match :D

Vintage white sleeveless shirt, Lourie Black Skirt by Hellopupu, Shoes by Fioni, Sling Bag by Dress to Kill, Sunglasses by Karen Walker, Watch by Swiss Army
Black and white is always my favorite. They look classy and clean, and admit it, you can never go wrong with black and white! Perhaps if I sort my closet, 50% of them are in black. Yeah I love black and white that much 

Here is the thing, these past few weeks so many people have been asking me why I wanna be a fashion blogger, what am I actually doing in this blog, and what am I gonna get from this. Well I’m gonna answer it all in my next post, so you need to keep checkin out my blog! :p

See you in my next post! Keep stylish, classy, and fabulous! ♡