Oh it's been a while (more than a while, actually). My last post here was 2021, and I agree that I was such a lazy writer for ignoring this blog for that long. But here I am! Writing down my thoughts and taking some of my time to sit down - relax - and pour my heart to start writing again. 

So - where have I been? Though question but here's the long answer. I've been here and there but mostly I was surviving days and juggling between works and family. A TON has happened in the past couple months, some family events, some career ups and downs, new friendships, some traveling, and some goals for this year. 

But the highlight is, life recently has been.. a blessing.

I am counting my blessings everyday for the health I have now, given the uncertain situation and how people are losing their loved ones. I am a mom, so I do need to stay healthy for my son and my family. 

I am counting my blessings everyday for the family and friends I have now. I am blessed to have a family who is supportive, who hold my hand through hard times, and to have a son, who is always, always, always, my source of happiness and my source of life. I am reaching out to lots of friends in the last couple months, you know, you need to check on your friends sometimes. I made times to meet them, to catch up, and honestly it also helped boost my energy. I made new friendships, I have some more people on my quick dials, the ones who I can count on. 

I am counting my blessings everyday for the job I have now. The job that let me be myself, let me do my thing in my way, and gives me a flexible time, to be able to juggle with all the housework and mom-life that I have. The job that is always exciting, always challenging, but at the same time - always giving you a room to grow and learn. 

I am counting my blessings everyday for the life I have now. The life that is flowing, not draining. The life that is near-balanced. It's funny when you think life is taking you in certain way, while on the other hand, it's totally your choice to get where you want to be in life. 

So - back to the question, where have I been? The short answer is - I've lived.