Don’t you think time goes faster these days? It feels just like yesterday that I wrote about my 2016 resolutions, and now we’re just few days away from New Year ’s Eve, crazy huh?

From a bunch of 2016 resolutions lists, I can proudly say that 80% is done! 1. I got a job, a job that I really enjoy and really love, 2. I lived a healthy and organized life, started to move my lazy ass and start exercising, and 3. I wrote more often! This goal is already reached, as this year I really got a job just from writing, nothing can make me happier! The one thing that is not done this year is: to have my own clothing line. I guess this one needs to be taken more seriously and need a lot of times and efforts. So let’s save it as one of my 2017 resolution!

Next year, my resolution is to gain more skills, could be related to my work, my hobbies, to sum it up, anything related to my future.  Another goal is to start my own clothing line, and God, I want to start saving for my own place! This one is the biggest goal of all, but yes I’m 22 and now it’s the right time to start living by myself (well I lived by myself during college but its kinda different).

Looking at all the goals, I believe next year would be huge, it will be awesome and amazing, I know that big goals mean a lot of struggles, happy and sad tears, but I’m ready. Here goes 2017, I’m excited to see what will happen next year!

What is your resolution for 2017? Don’t be afraid to dream big. We have big adventure ahead of us, darling! 

It's December already! Finally the time to shop till drop. Not only shopping for yourself, but also for the beloved family and friends. So here goes the list of my top 5 gift ideas that will never run out of style. Lets check it out!

for her
- Clutch
Every woman needs at least one or two clutches. Unlike bags, clutches generally have the same style that everyone will love. So why not get your best friend a new clutch with her favorite color? 
- Make-up
Admit it, there is no such thing as having too many make-up products!  Perhaps get your sister that new lipstick shades, a contour kit, or a simple one; a fragrance, maybe?
- Scarf
As I said many times before, scarves are just the best style-saver. They make everything looks effortlessly stylish and cute. The good thing is, they come in many choices of colors and patterns. Also, you get to spend less by getting them cute lil scarf!
- Sunglasses
Another suggestion for a gift: a sunglasses! Round, cat-eye, classic, boho, you name it! A sunglasses will always come in handy, so don’t worry, this gift is the ultimate one!
- Personalized items
If you’re looking for something a little more special for a best-friend, a sister, a Mom, get them a personalized gifts! It could be anything like notebook with their favorite colors and designs, a necklace with their initials, a cartooned painting, anything!

for him

- Fragrance
It’s the classic gift for them boys: fragrance! As a gift, it’s a little personal and classy. If he likes to use the sweet scents, perhaps now it’s the time to get him the fresh fruity one!
- Music CDs
All boys and men just love music. They all have a personal taste of music, which they will listen all over and over again. Bringing your dad the new CD of his favorite musician, or a CD of a live concert would be great!
- Hat
If he’s the type of guy who likes to dress nicely with style, don’t worry: a hat will cover! Get him the stylish hat and he will be super happy! 
- Shawl
There is always one thing that a man wants to have but never buy it themselves: a shawl! Because they think they might not need it very often, although it looks cool and stylish. 
- Watch
And if you’re looking for something with a lil fancy touch, the answer is to give them a watch! – The classic one, the sporty one, watches come in various choices of styles and colors! Pick the one that suits him the best. 

There you go, five ultimate guide about gift for her and him! - Let me know if it works out!

See you in my next post, loves!
Hey peeps! It's time for me to get back to this blog and start posting again.

I know I know I really need to give some time for my blog and start blogging again. It’s been a crazy week and I’ve been working all day all night (I don’t even have time to maintain my body weight, so…). But today I decided to bring back all my good habits; livin healthy life, being productive both in works and blog, being a friendly one to everyone without snapping everytime everyday, etc. So here I am, it’s midnight here in Jakarta, Saturday night (err.. actually Sunday already), writing a post in front of my laptop in my room, accompanied by ‘Do you go up’ by Khai. 

However, it doesn’t matter how busy I am, I always have time to read some fashion articles, browse through what’s been happening out there. So lets talk about this, we all love the 'it' style with patch! Don’t get me wrong, I am also one of those people who are obsessed with patches and cute pins. So this time I’m gonna give a lil tips on how to wear patch without being too much, or too weird. (But after all, being too much or too weird is good too. Being different is the point.)

My patch sweater brings a lot of attention. So I toned down a lil bit with black leather skirt, and pairing them with the ultimate good-looking white sneakers. I also wear transparent socks with a pink-list to give more sparks. The point is: if you don’t like being the center of attention, pair your patch item with a bold one, if you can find item with neutral color, the better it is! – But don’t forget. Always be different so I am suggesting you to take out those cute accessories, cute socks, or bags to go along with!

Sweater by ETCLO, Leather Skirt by Bershka, Socks by Pull n Bear, Shoes by Adidas
Photo by: Akhzan

Anyway, it’s almost December. Are you up for some gift ideas? Stay tune and I’ll be sharing some of gift ideas next month! 

See ya, pretty ladies. XOXO, K.
It's getting colder everyday especially in November, right? I actually love the weather, I love watching the rain falls down, I love the smell after the rain, I love when it's finally the time to wear a bunch and tons of layers of warmer, while sipping hot beverages in the middle of works. 

But sometimes (especially here in Indonesia) we can see the sun shines after the rain. It's a warm gentle feel to the skin. So why not wear sweaters, cardigans, coats, or jackets, but also, have the sunglasses in the bag? As we all know, sunglasses come in handy!

So few days back, I was out for a coffee with my A (he's been spending a lot of time on learning photography, so it's kind of our habit to go out to have some coffee in a nice coffee shop). Because it's breezy outside, I choose to wear something warm and comfy, my choice goes to the comfiest knitted sweaters! To sparks up a bit, I pair it with my denim culotte and neckerchief. Voila! We're ready to go!

Sweater by Pull&Bear, Neckerchief by Stradivarius, Vintage Denim Culotte, Shoes by Airwalk

Here goes a not-so-long-but-kinda-deep post of mine.

I’ve been a little caught up with my full-time job. It’s getting more and more exciting every single day. Looking back to few years ago, I never know that I can make it to this industry, at least to learn. I am a bachelor with science degree, but then I work in a fashion company, which is always been my great passion. A lil hard at first, but I’m learning. The best thing that happens to me right now is I learn a looooot. I learn everything. It makes me super happy every day.

A job at a fashion company requires me to pay attention to what I’m wearing, what goes with what, and of course all those little details. This time I’m creating a suit-like outfit, but it’s actually a bomber jacket (so in, who doesn’t have it these days?) and a jogger pants! Pairing them with white shirt and white sneakers, and I’m off to go! This look give you the professional-casual look, and effortlessly uber-cute at the same time. The kind of outfit you’ll love to wear to the office!

Bomber Jacket and Jogger Pants by The Executive, Shirt by Uniqlo,
Sneakers by Adidas Originals, Watch by Woodka, Glasses by Calvin Klein
Speaking about the office, I realize that my job makes me think more, learn more about fashion industry. But above that, I also learn many characters of people, how to treat people, how to work in a team. This is a great big beginning of everything. I am excited to learn more and to seek for opportunities, and I am so ready to see where life will take me.

I learn a lot. And I’m grateful, I’m blessed. I grow :)

See you in my next post, ladies! 

Yup, that's what I always do on the weekend. During weekdays, the closest thing to morning coffee that I can get is a black tea while in a rush to the office and hopping from one work to another. On the weekend, I always spend my morning with my boyfriend, who is a huge fan of coffee, while I'm the one who is in love with tea. We talk for hours and hours over coffee, catching up with everything that's been happening in a week.

Life has been wonderful these past few weeks. I've been busy, but super very happy. Learning a lot of things from people around me, growing and taking every chance. I am in love with the 'me' now. I'm so close to say that this year is 'my year'. 

Top by H&M, Jacket by Pull&Bear, Jeans by Giordano, Shoes by Something Borrowed

For an easy Sunday morning, I prefer to wear something comfortable, yet stylish, classic, and casual in the same time. Again, my major saviour: turtleneck! When I dont feel like dressing up too much, I only pair it with double denim: denim pants and denim jacket. To get the boyish look, I'm takin out my leather buckled loafers! In case you're wondering, this one can go well with everything.

Anyway, I'm planning on doing make-over on my hair. Any idea? Write down below!
Psst.. another lookbook is coming out soon!

Dear all my readers,
This post is not like the kinda post I've written before. This is not a fashion guide, this is not a suggestion, this is not anything related to being a blogger. This is a thought, long long thought about how life has been.

So.. After 4 and a half years being in the glorious old-town of Yogyakarta, now I'm back to this town. Jakarta. A city that never sleeps. A promising city for everyone who struggles. But also, a very lonely city in the lonely hours. So many people. So many places. So many things to do. But also, so little time. So little spaces. 

This city is amazingly beautiful and meaningful, but in the same time awkwardly busy and lonely. The way I love Jakarta is different from the way I love Yogyakarta. Anyway I love both. Both are my home. 

I am now a blogger, working as a full-time Merchandising Manager for an e-commerce start-up in Jakarta, and also, I am a blog contributor and now I'm gonna start planning my own label. Yes, you're right. I am now having multiple jobs. Wonder how can I handle it?

Now, I work in this city and still busy go back and forth to Yogyakarta because of my multiple jobs. Never have I felt any doubt in having two jobs in the same time. Never have I felt tired and overloaded. I enjoy this and I have so much fun! I always wake up in the morning feeling excited, wondering what will I learn by the end of the day, who will I meet, what will I done. I love working and exploring new opportunities, especially in fashion. It's my passion, it makes me happy. So if you ask "if money didn't exist, will you still get up every morning and do what you do for a living?". My answer will be, "yes, of course 100% yes. Why the hell not?".

I know this journey is not forever. It's always a start for whatever happens next. But now, I'm enjoying this ride. I'm enjoying every single day, I'm making the best of it. I am a city girl. This is what I do, this is how I do.

And you should, too.
Hi all! This time I'm gonna share to you my make up routine, yay!

But please note that I'm not an expert so what I wrote here might not be 100% correct and make senses. And please take another note that every skin type might needs different skin care, different methods, and different shades.

Ok, here goes!

Before applying make-up, I always moisturize first! I moisturize both my skin and my lips. Recently, my lips is soooooo dry so I have to double-moisturize it using Nivea colorless lipbalm and Revlon Superlustrous Gloss. After that, I usually clean my skin using a toner. Because my skin is so oily, I always use oil-free toner.

After getting my skin ready, I apply my Magical CC Cream from Beauty Story. Besides the color is not too strong, I honestly recommend this product because it has SPF and the best thing is, paraben free! After applying CC Cream, I usually do my eyebrows first (I know I know. Eyebrows are important to me!.) I always do my eyebrows using brow pencil and brow mascara.

The next step will be adding some blush to the cheek! I use a cream blush in peach color from Emina. Besides applying cream blush, sometimes I also use some concealer to cover up the eye-bag and pimples. Ok the last step is applying loose powder from Larissa! I love this loose powder because it is translucent and it is designed for oily and sensitive skin, and that’s just perfect to my skin! To complete the look, I finish it with matte lipstick/lip cream. Sometimes I feel like wearing nude shades, but sometimes I feel like wearing deep red or bold purple. It depends! 

But, my favorite daily lipstick goes to these two: BLP Lip Coat in Persimmon Pie & Purbasari no. 83! They are not too pink, not too dark, not too nude, not too bold. Just perfect <3

There you go, my super simple and 15-mins-only make up routine. How about you? Let’s share your make-up routine with me! :)

There are always few wardrobe essentials in your closet that you can wear over again and again. Just play dress up and mix-match everything! For example, bored with your Little Black Dress and don't want to wear it to formal occasion only? You can wear it daily for your casual look! 

Vintage LBD and Denim Jacket, Shoes by UP
For a lovely day out, I choose to wear comfortable outfit. I picked my little black dress and denim jacket, and paired it with my UP shoes for a chic look. And I added a final touch with sling bag and cute pins all over the jacket. Ready for a walk! :)

By the way, I knew you've heard.. now I work as a blog contributor for one of the most inspiring local brand. Yes, it's UP shoes! I have always been a big fan of high-quality local brands, and of course UP is one of them! So happy to finally be able to write a post for their blog <3