Of course, my everyday mantra.

Whenever I'm down, this is a reminder that I will be just fine and I will be back up real soon and I can go through everything that life throws at me.

And when I'm happy, it's also a mantra to kindly remind me that nothing lasts forever, even my happiness. So I might as well be grateful, humble, and always be ready for whatever happens next. 

From what I learn my whole life (especially these past 2 years), life is not always great. But it's not always bad either. If you look closely, there's lot of things that happens within a day that challenges you and improves you. There's also a lot of things that happens within a day that is a bless and gives you more reason to smile, and to be grateful.

When you're down, don't worry. Embrace the pains, embrace the tears. Until there's only hope left, and you'll be back up again, no matter what. 
When you're in your highest point in life, know that life is such a confusing roller-coaster. Embrace the happiness, but get ready for what happens next. Be so brave, that it feels so good to be happy.

After all, it's a powerful mantra that keeps me sane, keeps me going through everything; life, work, friendship, relationship, everything. You should try, too. 

How about you? What's your everyday mantra? Share with we below, loves! 

♡ K