After a month, I finally got the chance to recap my last short getaway to a beautiful place: Pahawang Island! Yes, you read it right. I travelled away to Lampung and spent few days with the tropical-whimsical ocean breeze, sunshine, sandy toes.

It was a very short getaway indeed, only 3 days 2 nights. But it worth the experience!

We stayed at a homestay with other visitors, we spent the days in the oceans; swimming, sun-tanning, snorkeling, and chilling. We travelled island to island with a small boat, which is my favorite part! Letting the air go through your hair, the sun kissed your skin. I also love the long walk on the beach, where million thoughts appear. Above it all, the island stole my heart and it kinda ‘refreshed’ me. I’ll definitely come back!

Anyway, for more pictures of our Pahawang trip, easily scroll down and you'll find a new video up on our YouTube channel. We're so sorry for the short video, because we're too busy having fun in the sun <3

After all, I could only say, don’t you just love the palm trees, sound of the sea, warm sunshine on your skin, and above it all: spending the good times with your best friends and your boyfriend?

Life is good. It’s all good now.


Well hey! It's about time to write another blog post because: 1. It’s been a while because of my work loads in the office, 2. I have so many photos I have to post here, 3. It’s almost Ramadhan!

Yes, Ramadhan is coming very soon, girls! Well for me, Ramadhan is a holy month of peace and joy, happiness and being grateful for everything. But also, it’s the time to twist and turn, renew and refresh your wardrobe!

Here is a little tips to pack your Ramadhan outfit: wear something basic with a twist! As for me, I usually wear flowy piece like my favorite culotte pants, and combine them with something unique, like this ruffle-detailed top. To complete the look and still be different, I complete the look with my fishnet stocking and all-time-favorite white sneakers. If you feel like covering yourself more, grab a long scarf or shawl and wear it as a cape! Easy peasy, isn't it?

Talking about Ramadhan, I know we all girls like to dress up during the holy month. And of course, it requires a little shopping here and there. But hey, no worries! You can check out the newest Lebaran Collection 2017 from ZALORA that will suit your personality. Some of them are my favorites, especially with the pastel tone colors! Make sure to check 'em out and you can easily shop your Ramadhan and Lebaran needs before they run out <3

How about you? How do you dress up during the holy month? Let me know by sharing your outfit ideas in the comment box below! See you in my next post, loves!