Hello! How's life?

I hope you are doing good. This time I'll be sharing how I choose my go-to sneakers. 

If you ask me what's my power shoes, it'll definitely be the sneakers. Not the boots nor heels, I'll always choose sneakers. 

When it comes to choosing sneakers, I always go for the basic. So a pair of white sneakers it is. Or, a pair of old-skool Vans, a pair of navy Keds, or any other basic sneakers. 

Wearing basic sneakers compliment my everyday-basic look for a sleek outfit. Or, also tone-down my look when I wear something colorful or patterned clothings. 

My tips for you would be to choose the perfect color that can match any colors, and wear the one that the style meet you best. If you are girly enough, Keds would be sweet. Or if you like it a bit boyish, grab a Vans or Nike with the ankle-high sneakers.

I hope it helps, see you in my next post, loves!

♥ K
I spent my birthday in Bali! As I turned 24, I decided to celebrate it unlike any other birthdays before. (plus, it will be my last birthday being single, or I hope so.) We spent 4 nights exploring Bali and divided them into; 2 nights in Seminyak, 2 nights in Ubud. In this post, I will share you my holiday itinerary in general, in case you also have agenda to visit this beautiful island. So lets jump right in!

Day 1 - The birthday day
On my birthday, we went for a breakfast in Kim Soo Home. That's where I got my birthday cake & made wishes. It was a nice place to spend your morning with your beloved one,  just having coffee while chillin'. After that, we had lunch in a local restaurant: Nasi Ayam Bu Mangku (and it turned out to be my boyfriend's favorite!). In the afternoon, we went thrift-shopping (but I couldn't find anything nice) & we also went to Cabina Bali. You might already heard a lot about this place. It was a cute place to enjoy the sunshine & take a dip into the pool. Don't forget to take a lot of photos here, since there are so many unique spots! We wanted to catch the sunset, so from Cabina we walked a bit to 707 Beach Berm. It's like this local beach club, but in a cheaper - bronx - casual way. And I like it a lot! It's not much, only loads of beanbags in beach side, where we can sit and relax while having coconut and catch the sunset. Not to mention, its not pricey at all! For dinner, we went to Kilo Bali & tried some of their best dishes. I can say that their Tobiko Pasta is a bomb!

Nice breakfast in Kim Soo Home

Spending afternoon in cute Cabina Bali

Catching sunset in 707 Beach Berm Batu Belig

Day 2 - Long road to Ubud
We started our morning going to the famous Panama Pool & Cafe. It was a nice place, also the food & beverages are affordable and great. But they have some kind of "minimum spend" if we go there, and that what makes it a bit pricey. Despite the price, we love the place a lot. It has this Greek vibe that I love! After that we checked out of our hotel and went all the way to Ubud (it took around 1.5 hours to get from Seminyak to Ubud). After arriving in Ubud, we spent our afternoon walking around and hopping from shop to shop around the Monkey Forest Road. For dinner, we went to this pretty place by the pool called Folk Ubud. Such a pretty place with great food! (And also affordable for a 5-star dish!). It was a lovely night indeed.

Top by Pull & Bear

Panama Pool & Cafe

Festive drink & Festive food!

Pretty lights & poolside

Spending night in Folk Ubud

Day 3 - Exploring Ubud

Day 3 is for exploring the pretty Ubud! We spent our morning chillin' by the pool in our hotel, it was a nice dip, the sun came out, the weather was friendly, and it was Sunday! After that, we went to have lunch by the paddy field, it was a very sunny day and Ubud was looking so pretty. After that, we spent our afternoon strolling around Ubud Palace, Pura Saraswati, and Sukowati Market to buy some handcrafts. (I got some pretty soap bars in such affordable prices!). And just after the sun sets, we went to watch Kecak Dance in Pura Puseh & after that we went to taste some Balinese Dishes in a local restaurant called Bu Rus.

A nice dip!

Day 4 - Bye bye Bali
Off to our last day in Bali, we traveled back from Ubud to Sanur. We had lunch in the famous fish soup - Mak Beng. We ate a looooot because we loved it so much! After that, we went to spend our afternoon (and waiting for our 6PM flight) in Soul by The Beach, in Sanur. I love how the place is so lovely, peaceful, and had a chill vibe. They also served great food! A bit pricey, but its all worth it! Such a great place to end my birthday trip, indeed. 

All tanned, but happy!

Soul by The Beach (one of my fav!)

and they serve good food!

So there you go, a long itinerary for a short holiday. Because we managed to packed our schedule so tights, before the busy months of wedding preparations started. After all, it was the best weekend getaway and I couldn't asked for more. 

♥ K
A year older, a year wiser. 

I turned 24! (I know sometimes I look older, it's the stress.) 23 has been a very very great year for me, I must say. I am beyond grateful for everything that happened last year. An exciting job, lovely friends, and so many other things to be thankful for. 

It is not always good times last year. There are also a lot of up & downs, thick & thin, health & sickness, good times & bad times. There are times when I cried my eyes out, and there are also times I laughed 'till my stomach hurts.

If I learned something from last year, it would be that I need to stay collected & tell myself that everything is gonna be okay, eventually. That God created this amazing plan for me and only me, and I have to believe in that. I also learn that we can not please everyone, therefore I need to calm down & let go, sometimes.
Also, I have to realize that I'm worth it. That I'm good enough & loved enough. Sometimes I take things for granted and starting today, it's a promise to myself that I'll be the new me, wiser & better.

Cheers for an adventurous & wonderful year ahead! May this Aquarius Girl always feel happy & blessed.

As a special birthday treat for myself, I'm spending my birthday in Bali. Will tell you more about this trip on my next post. Adios!

After saying 'Yes' to the man I love few months ago and had an intimate private meetings of the 2 families in the following month, now what's next?

Both of us have zero idea of what comes first, what to be prepared, and so many other random stuffs. But lucky us, we're so thankful to have wonderful parents that really support us & also beloved friends who got our backs all the time.

Let's start with the date, the place, and the concept of our dream wedding. We are always dreaming of an intimate wedding with only close friends, and an unforgettable night where it's not only the two of us who celebrate the happiness, but we also want all of our friends & families can feel the happiness too. We're dreaming of a small party and gathering people who are important for our lifes and love us as much as we love them.  

But for this moment, we are so happy. Excited. Blessed. We might not know what's gonna happen next, we don't know how busy we will be, and how many arguments & conflicts will come up during the wedding preparations. But to go through it all with the man who's crazy enough to wanting to go through all the mess with me, I am beyond ready. 

♥ K

Hi hi! How is 2018 so far? Good? 

This time I got you some trends from out there that I personally think will be an investment to have this year. Lets go through it one by one, shall we?

1. Pastels Staples
I believe you've heard, the color of the year is said to be all purple. From lilac to dark violet, the purple trend is believed to be happening this year. Not only the purple hue, this year all things pastel will still be in trend! My pastel heart is so happy! <3

 2. Denim on Denim
As seen on runways, the denim pieces are everywhere! Not only pants & jackets, denim in any form of clothing such as: shirt, skirt, even bags are gonna be big this year! Even more, the trend reports say that wearing more than 2 denim items is the next big thing this year.

3. Sheer & Transparent
Some of us who like to wear something unique & out of the box, this one is for you. The sheer and 'see through' items is also the trend of the year! I'm not a big fan of sheer, but 1 or 2 pieces to invest won't hurt, right?

 4. Jumpsuits
For a trendy & fashionable pieces, do own a jumpsuit this year! Pick one that have fashionable touch like big belt or unique cuts, and you're good to go. Believe it or not, I've never had a jumpsuit before, but this year I will!

 5. Checks, check!
AND. THIS. ONE. I absolutely love this trend and I thank God that this one is a trend this year! I'm just too obsessed for plaid and checkered items. From blazer, tailored pants, up to skirts, this one is a must-have! (I mean, how can you not love plaid?)

So there you go, 5 trends that would be an investment to have this year. Any interesting one for you? Share with me in the comment box below! See you in my next post, loves!

♥ K