You know that I am always been a big fan of vintage and old-school style. And this time, I've been craving for a 'Peranakan' breakfast somewhere in Jakarta. I suddenly remember that I used to go to this little coffee shop few years back.

You might already heard about this coffee shop, Kopitiam Oey. After few years, the place hasn't changed a bit and still embracing the old Melayu-infused vibe that is for me, really lovable.

We had toast & coffee for breakfast, along with old music playing in the background. It was a good time to cherish, because I always love having breakfast with my favorite person, in such a cozy place.

And wait till you hear it, the place also has nice spot to take your OOTD! This time I wear my current favorite pants & pair it with the comfy top. And it's the perfect moment to wear my vintage sunglasses, don't you think? Call me granny, but I love it, so what? xD

Top by shopatvelvet, Pants by SAGE, Shoes by adidas, Bag by Kalani, Sunglasses by realfashionlvrs
How did you spend your weekend morning? Let me know and I'll see you in my next post, loves!

❤ K
Well hello! 

I've been wanting to write about this but this post needs a longer time to think, what to write & what not to write. So inhale, exhale. 

There are times when you feel like negativity is all around, no one supports you, or no one listens to you. Well I did feel that sometimes. Getting older, I am realizing that not everyone is good enough to help you grow and be a better person. There are some kind of people who are not good enough to be with.

These are the people who are always jealous, who are self-centered, and always spread negativity all around. These type of toxic people will make you listen to them, do as they said, always makes you feel guilty and wrong. Recognize that these kind of people are always around drama, conflicts, or stress. (I mean, we all do. But these kind of people are beyond.) 

And how do I deal with those kind of people? I walk away. It means I can still be friends with them, but I keep some distances because I know listening to them will do me no good. Trust me, you don't do something bad by avoiding those kind of people. You are doing yourself a favor. You are saving yourself instead. Life is hard enough already, so why bother making it harder?

Feel free to share your thoughts if you disagree with my point of view. Because in the end sharing is caring! See you in my next post, loves!

❤ K

Long weekend ahead, do you have your plans ready? 

I feel like I've been super tired and busy these past few weeks (but I am grateful, really). So I'm longing for a high-quality weekend. And this weekend I'll go on a road trip with my whole family, it's been a while since our last time doing a road trip, it's gonna be fun!

Top and Pants by shopatvelvet, shoes by adidas
What's the best outfit for a long road trip? Everything loose-y & oversize will do! So I picked my latest loose tank & long pants both in black, both from @shopatvelvet. These clothes are the comfiest, the kind of clothes that I would definitely wear over and over again. 

To spice up a bit, I added red sunnies & white sneakers. The comfier the better, no? 

What's your favorite comfy clothes at this time? Share with me in the comment box below! See you in my next post, loves! 

❤ K
Being a 23 years old working girl is fun, but also hard and tough. I mean, trying to be an independent girl and figuring life is tough.

These past few weeks have been fun & tough at the same times. There are a lot of great news I reaaaaally wanted to share with you (but not just yet, please be patient with me, I'm excited for this!), but there are also a lot of difficult times; some of my friends are leaving. I couldn't maintain my health & body weights. My job has been challenging. It's almost end of year and I couldn't get my resolutions done rightly. See why I say it's been a tough times?

A lot of stuffs are getting in the way, and it gets tougher and tougher. But the way I see it, there will always be good reasons behind everything, if we can just see it closer. All the things that you are going through right now, happens for a reason. God has created this perfect plans for you and only you. And you must not doubt it, even for a second. 

After all these difficulties, I realized that I second-guess myself lately, but now I know that I don't need to listen and believe what people say. I just need to listen to myself, and believe in myself. Because after all, these hard times are not permanent. The reason that we had hard times, is because we need it. We need hard times to make us think, to make us learn, and so we can cherish it in the good times. 

Believe me, life is hard, but so are you. 

❤ K

Again, I never bored with this city: Yogyakarta. This time, Jogja did me special. The last trip that I've had, left so many warm memories for me.

I believe there are 2 types of people; the one that go on holiday for fun, and the one that go on holiday for peace. I'm obviously the second type. Jogja is the city where I will always go back to. Because this city has a lot to offer. Not only the good tourist destinations, but also the warmest people & the safest feeling. People who once fell in love with Jogja, they will always come back. And it's true. There's something about this city that is special. The atmosphere that somehow is different, and the energy that is peacefully beautiful. Only people who fell in love with Jogja will understand about this. 

So there you go, some pictures that I captured during my last Jogja trip. Hope you enjoy them, and I hope you will got a chance to feel the warmest & kindest love from Jogja, to you. Jogja, you will always be my second home. The place where I feel safe, the place with so many memories, the place where my heart is. 

❤ K