Hi loves,

This time I'm sharing you my thoughts about friendship. The actual friendship, relation between person to person in real life, the bond, the ups and downs.

Growing up and meeting new people all the time, I realize that I am the kind of person that like to keep the circle small. I prefer to have just the right amount of friends, but always keep in touch with them, rather than having hundreds close friends, but don't really create the bond.

For me, it is totally okay that by time, my circle decreases in size, but increases in value. I personally think it's okay that I have several people, who are genuine, with less drama. I know that there are some people out there that can have hundreds friends but never got the close one. It might looks superfun to have a lot of friends, but it is surely be lonely at times, if you don't have the really best & close friends.

I'm also the type of person that when I am friend with someone, I can be friend with them for a long time and it didn't wear out. The ones who stay 'till now, is the one that you can call 'family' and you know you can count on them. Now that my life is going to change in a month, it is very emotional for me to think that my friends have been around in my journey from the beginning. So for that, I am truly grateful & beyond blessed.

I wish you & all of your beloved friends to feel blessed & feel loved as much as I do. 'Till I see you in my next post, loves!

♥ K

How are you? I hope you are good, and if you ask me, to be honest, I'm beyond nervous! It's already the beginning of August, which means.. I'm getting married in couple weeks. Crazy, huh? To end July in a high note, I'm sharing you my monthly favorites, as always. So here goes!

If you know me in person, I'm not a kind of person that use full heavy make-up everyday, but when I wanted to, I put on blush here and there. And you should know, this blush stick by Rollover Reaction is everything! It called Halolight Luminizing Stick in Roseate Glow, its not their latest product, but I just tried it and I've been obsessed with it ever since. The size is small so its easy to carry, and the color really suits my skin perfectly. It looks a bit shimmery on the stick, but when you apply it on your face, it gives you the healthy-glow without being too much. Go try it yourself to see how it turns out. The second product that I've been wearing a lot is Biore UV Protection as my sunscreen. At first I thought its overrated since everyone is using it, but when I try it myself, wow I was surprised. The smell is very fresh, it doesn't get sticky on my oily skin, and it is also really good to cover your skin from too much sunlights. So by far, this is my favorite sunscreen, even more from my Laneige sunscreen.

I've been wearing one particular T-shirt like all day, to be honest. It's not quite the "latest" collection, from @shopatvelvet. The T-shirt is white with the "1990s" written on it. It's just a simple piece you can pull off anytime, and surprisingly the white cotton is not really see-through. (Which I think its pretty hard to find for white t-shirt). So yes, I've been wearing this a lot lately, you might also see it on the gram when I wear it to #WTF18, because it is that comfy!

This month, I've been listening to a lot of songs in repeat, so I thought will be good to share with you a long list of my current playlist. 
- Midsummer Madness by 88RISING
- Le Cienega by Joji ft. Niki (this Niki girl is keep coming with good songs!)
- Come Over by The Internet
- Winter Song by Isyana Sarasvati
Go give it a listen, I bet you'll love it as much as I love it! 

There you go, my July Favorites. The next thing you know, on the next August Favorites I'll be somebody's wife! (As cheesy as it might sounds, I'm super excited yet nervous.) See you in my next post, loves! 

♥ K

How are you? I feel like it's been a long time since the last time I posted an outfit post in this blog. So here goes ;)

For most days, I always dress casually to go to work, or just for a casual date. Usually its just a blouse or a T-shirt, with a wide-leg pants or jeans, and of course, my sneakers. But sometimes, I also dress formally, when I feel like I wanted to. And recently I had one of those days, so here's my take on how to dress "smart-casual" without being too formal. 

Tee by Uniqlo, Jeans by Pomelo, Blazer by Lovemetwice
I started with my tees and jeans, the tips on picking the right tee for a smart look is pick one with subtle color like light grey, black, white, or go with darker shades like navy or maroon. And the tips on picking the right jeans for a smart look is pick one that's not too baggy, but not too skinny (go with the straight jeans), and avoid too much details like ripped or patch. Then, I add extra formal touch with a navy blazer. This blazer will turn the whole look from super casual, to smart casual instantly. If you're feeling lady-like, complete your look with a pair of heels. But if you want it to be laid-back, wear your sneakers or flats. 

There you go. How about you? What's your take on creating instant-smart casual on your look? Lets share it with me, and I'll see you on my next post, loves!

♥ K

So sorry for the late blog post this week. It's been a crazy and rough and yet, fun week! How about you? How was your week? Anyway, let's get down to the topic. This time I'll be sharing you how is my current skin condition and how I get to this point. I'll highlight some products that I use, in case some of you have the same skin condition as me. Lets get started!

My skin was very very oily, dull, and its very easy for acne to come up in anytime. But now, my skin is less oily, brighter, it looks somehow healthier, but there's still some acne in "that-time" of the month. How do I get to this condition? I personally think there are some tips, if you are facing the same problem like mine. 

1. Drink lots and lots of water
It may sounds classic, but believe me, it works! I used to drink only 4-5 glasses of water everyday, but I tried to push myself and now I usually drink 8-10 glasses of water everyday, and it somehow makes my skin healthier & it also makes my body feels much better. It feels like it cleanses everything bad inside your body. Try it, you'll find it surprisingly working. 

2. Don't touch your face too much
Yes, I used to touch my face a lot, like picking on the pimple, try to clean the pores, etc. And now I realizes that our hands are very dirty and now I always remind myself not to touch my face too much. Don't know if its the main reason that my acne is starting to disappear, but I think it helps. 

3. Wear as little make-up as you can
For weeks and weeks, I've been wearing less make-up than I used to. I just put on my skincare, a thin layer of concealer here and there, and also loose powder (for acne skin). I added some blush, depends on the occasion. I guess its helping my skin to "breathe" again. 

4. Treat your acne well
If you have sensitive & acne-prone skin like mine, please, treat your acne well. Don't pinch it, don't touch it, just gently take care of it. Use some acne-spot treatment that you find working on your skin (for me, its acne oil from The Body Shop), and stop looking at it as a flaw. Don't worry, everyone has pimples once in a while. Its natural, so don't worry too much! 

I might not be a skin-expert, but I hope some of you find it helpful! 'Till I see you in my next post, loves! 

♥ K


How are you? 

When writing this, I'm in my office listening to a song by Rhye called Song for You. It's a calming song,for my heart. Currently I'm in such a good condition, I'm full of excitement and also, a touch of nervous. In this post, I'll tell you why. 

As I grow, I learned that self-love is not only about pamper time and taking care of your body. But self-love also means to take back control, do what you want to do, do what's making you happy. So for a healthier mind & soul, I'm taking back the control. I'm getting out from an unhealthy working environment, and I'm starting fresh in a new place soon. And really, I don't think I've ever felt this relief getting out of something unhealthy. I'm a bit proud of myself that I took that power and made this big decision. 

I am now in a happy state that my heart is full. I got an exciting thing waiting for me. I've just signed with another 2 photography projects. I'm back on track with my exercises. And.. I'm getting married in 1 month! 

So girls, you can not let anything disturb the peace of your mind & soul. Because that's the most important thing. When you see an opportunity knocks, you gotta take it. Take risk & make the best of it. Believe in God's plan that the chances are coming in the right timing. There's no better timing than God's timing, don't you agree?

♥ K