Hello! How was life? For my close friends, you might already know that I've been working, working and working these past few months. I got my crazy full-time job, also another freelance social media job, still managing to blog and to do photo shoot in my spare time, and also preparing a special project (that include handmade thing, if I can tell you.). Crazy, huh? 

I am not a #girlboss yet, but I'm trying to live with that such of crazy level of business. I teach myself to always be happy when I'm busy. To enjoy things, not to stress things out. To give myself a pure happiness for doing what I love to do. And to always be grateful for having a lot of work to do, while some other people don't. 

Vintage LBD, Coat by atsthelabel, Shoes by adidas, Bag by Kalani, Sunnies by Forever21

So, what's the best thing a #girlboss can wear for those crazy busy days? My pick goes to the comfiest LBD ever, and layer it with long outer like this earth-tone coat. Because we ladies have to be on the run, I pick sneakers over heels. Not to mention, I'm carrying it all with big tote bag and complete the look with sunnies. (Oh, and messy bun all the way!) 

Talking about being busy, this past few weeks have been the craziest busy week ever. And I don't have enough time to spend a day shopping. But no worries, now we can shop easily online, right? We all know that towards the end of year, there are a lot of interesting promotions here and there. One that I can not hardly wait is HARBOLNAS 2017 in Zalora Indonesia on December! It's the perfect time to sit down, scroll down, and shop away! By the way, you can check the awaited 12/12 promotion from Zalora here. 

So girls, get your shopping list & your #girlboss attitude ready!
Hey hey! In my previous post, I told you my current favorite colors. And now I'm going to tell you my current favorite pieces! For some of you who follow my blog since day 0, can you guess my favorite style/piece?

I'm all about simplicity, classic, timeless pieces. I love turtlenecks, culottes, deep V-cut shirts, stripes, and of course, scarf and white sneakers. But sometimes, simple pieces could be boring and just too plain. No worries! You can adjust and play a bit so you will still look fab and effortlessly cool.

This time, instead of a plain white sleeveless shirt, I'm choosing a white blouse with ribbon and loose oversized-cuts. You might guess that I'm pairing it with my favorite culotte but no! Not this time. As you know from my last post, my current favorite colors are green, olive, and nude tone. So I'm choosing the green tailored pants with slit details on both sides.

Tops and Pants by atsthelabel, Shoes by adidas
My point is, if you like dressing down and don't like over-dress just like me, you might as well want to get those perfect simple pieces, but with a little details and a little twist. No more boring outfits when you can be effortless but unique at the same time!  

See you in my next post, loves!
❤ K
Saying bye bye to pink for a while because it's the perfect season for some earth tone! I got myself some of green, nude, and brown tone piece of clothing. 

That one day, for a coffee date on Sunday morning, I'm taking out my army-green top and pair it with my favorite combo: culotte pants + sneakers. To add some spark, I pair them with sunnies & scarf (as always.)

Top by Awatara, Pants by Hybridity, Shoes by adidas, Scarf by Stradivarius, Sunnies by Forever21

Undertone army green is a perfect color that gives you elegant & effortless look. My tips on mix&match this color is, pair it with black or white. Another color that will looks good with army green are nude brown & deep red. Get yourself some of these colors, and you're ready to go! Definitely the 'IT' color for this season. 

What's your favorite color for this season? Share with me in the comment box below!

Hey, more posts of this earth tone color are coming really soon, stay tune!

♥ K
When was the last time you did something for the first time? Remember the feeling? 

Ok so I'm gonna spill a bit of my life here. Talking about comfort zone, we all have one. Either it's a circle of friends, a hobby, a person, a working environment, or anything. Something that we are not afraid in/with, where we can just be ourselves without being judged. 

But there are some points in life, that you have to be brave enough to step out of your comfort zone. Meet new people, make new friends, get a new job, spend time on new activity, or leave out the old habits. 

It can be scary sometimes. It is for me. I've decided to step out of my comfort zone by the end of this year, and nothing else terrifies me as much as it does. But hey, they said magic happens outside your comfort zone, and that's where the life begins. Am I right or am I right?

So ladies, my point is.. get comfortable being uncomfortable. Do new things. Meet new people. Comfort zone is good, but you don't grow. So get out of your 'safe-box' and see life, it might surprise you. :)

♥ K 

Don't you sometimes feel like you're too lazy to pick up some clothes from your wardrobe? When you just want to grab basically anything and just go with it? I do. A lot of times. 

Especially on weekend. It feels like the perfect time for comfy dressing, and no need to rush and get intense with clothing. (Because I already did during the weekdays.). So here goes my top picks for a weekend going to the movies and coffee date!

Taking my favorite pair of jeans out couldn't be better without my favorite white sneakers. And this time, I paired them with my old never-worn black shirt, and give a little touch of red scarf, just because. You might also want to add a cute mini bag like this olive-squared bag. 

Vintage Black Shirt, Jeans by Pull & Bear, Shoes by adidas, Bag by Gaudi, Scarf by Stradivarius

How about you? What's your picks on comfy dressing? Let me know by leaving a comment below. See you in my next post, loves!

♥ K

Hi! It's been a while since my last outfit post. So here goes! It is probably a bit late but whatever, I will share you my Summer-Spring Outfit Inspirations, it's always Summer in Indonesia anyway!

For a sunny-day outside, you will need: a comfy clothes, a pair of worn-out shoes, sunglasses, and a hat. Combining all that, try to mix and match to get the perfect effortless summer mood outfit.

I chose to wear peachy-nude light camisole since Indonesia is in its very tropical weather these days. And what could be better than a flowy oversized striped pants to wear in summer? Plus, the vertical stripes will give a 'taller' silhouette to my body. To complete the look, a perfect comfy worn-out loafers would be perfect.

As a final touch, don't forget to wear your sunglasses, hat, and (in my case) a pretty scarf! They will always compliment your outfit perfectly, and make the whole look more stand out.

What's your summer outfit essentials? Share with me in the comment box below, and see you in my next post, loves!

♡ K

Of course, my everyday mantra.

Whenever I'm down, this is a reminder that I will be just fine and I will be back up real soon and I can go through everything that life throws at me.

And when I'm happy, it's also a mantra to kindly remind me that nothing lasts forever, even my happiness. So I might as well be grateful, humble, and always be ready for whatever happens next. 

From what I learn my whole life (especially these past 2 years), life is not always great. But it's not always bad either. If you look closely, there's lot of things that happens within a day that challenges you and improves you. There's also a lot of things that happens within a day that is a bless and gives you more reason to smile, and to be grateful.

When you're down, don't worry. Embrace the pains, embrace the tears. Until there's only hope left, and you'll be back up again, no matter what. 
When you're in your highest point in life, know that life is such a confusing roller-coaster. Embrace the happiness, but get ready for what happens next. Be so brave, that it feels so good to be happy.

After all, it's a powerful mantra that keeps me sane, keeps me going through everything; life, work, friendship, relationship, everything. You should try, too. 

How about you? What's your everyday mantra? Share with we below, loves! 

♡ K