After saying 'Yes' to the man I love few months ago and had an intimate private meetings of the 2 families in the following month, now what's next?

Both of us have zero idea of what comes first, what to be prepared, and so many other random stuffs. But lucky us, we're so thankful to have wonderful parents that really support us & also beloved friends who got our backs all the time.

Let's start with the date, the place, and the concept of our dream wedding. We are always dreaming of an intimate wedding with only close friends, and an unforgettable night where it's not only the two of us who celebrate the happiness, but we also want all of our friends & families can feel the happiness too. We're dreaming of a small party and gathering people who are important for our lifes and love us as much as we love them.  

But for this moment, we are so happy. Excited. Blessed. We might not know what's gonna happen next, we don't know how busy we will be, and how many arguments & conflicts will come up during the wedding preparations. But to go through it all with the man who's crazy enough to wanting to go through all the mess with me, I am beyond ready. 

♥ K

Hi hi! How is 2018 so far? Good? 

This time I got you some trends from out there that I personally think will be an investment to have this year. Lets go through it one by one, shall we?

1. Pastels Staples
I believe you've heard, the color of the year is said to be all purple. From lilac to dark violet, the purple trend is believed to be happening this year. Not only the purple hue, this year all things pastel will still be in trend! My pastel heart is so happy! <3

 2. Denim on Denim
As seen on runways, the denim pieces are everywhere! Not only pants & jackets, denim in any form of clothing such as: shirt, skirt, even bags are gonna be big this year! Even more, the trend reports say that wearing more than 2 denim items is the next big thing this year.

3. Sheer & Transparent
Some of us who like to wear something unique & out of the box, this one is for you. The sheer and 'see through' items is also the trend of the year! I'm not a big fan of sheer, but 1 or 2 pieces to invest won't hurt, right?

 4. Jumpsuits
For a trendy & fashionable pieces, do own a jumpsuit this year! Pick one that have fashionable touch like big belt or unique cuts, and you're good to go. Believe it or not, I've never had a jumpsuit before, but this year I will!

 5. Checks, check!
AND. THIS. ONE. I absolutely love this trend and I thank God that this one is a trend this year! I'm just too obsessed for plaid and checkered items. From blazer, tailored pants, up to skirts, this one is a must-have! (I mean, how can you not love plaid?)

So there you go, 5 trends that would be an investment to have this year. Any interesting one for you? Share with me in the comment box below! See you in my next post, loves!

♥ K

I'm starting to realize how many stripes clothing I have in my wardrobe. Shirts, tees, dress, blazer, until belts & shoes.Well, why not? 

Stripes will always be timeless and some kind of "neutrals" compliment to the outfits. Unlike other patterns, stripes will look good along with other items (or even with other patterns!). When going to a store, or scrolling down an online-shop, I always stop when there's some stripes basic staples and consider if I need it or not (since I already have a lot..) and ended up adding a new item to my wardrobe. But in the other hand, stripes will never failed you. It makes you look instantly classic & cool, without looking "too much". Admit it, you at least need 1 or 2 basic stripes items in your closet! 

This time, I'm taking out my current favorite stripe shirt from Pomelo Fashion! The cutting is a bit loosey & vintage, so no more further discussion, I'm sold! Pairing them with my straight-cut jeans & adding a matching belt (which is included in the set) & a pair of vintage sunglasses.

Stripes and jeans, sounds like an ultimate weekend outfit for me! See you in my next post, loves!

❤ K

Top and Jeans by POMELO, Shoes by adidas, Sunglasses by realfashionlvrs

This year, I challenge myself to be healthier in many ways. Not only because 2018 is gonna be the "it" year for me, but also to get back in shape & gain my confidence again (because recently, I don't). So here are few changes that I will do in 2018. Let's not set the goal of kilograms or calories. Let's just do it for a healthy body, and all the numbers are just bonus!

In 2018, I will..

1. Drink tons of water
This is the key of a healthy body. In fact, I got headache if I don't drink enough water in a day. After I research a bit, water does help you relieves fatigue & flushes out the toxins in your body. (and it gives you a better skin too.) A simple tip you can try: drink 1 glass every hour, you'll feel better next!

2. Limit snacks & sweets
I got a bad habit of wanting to eat snacks or sweets after a meal. Usually after lunch or after dinner, I still want to munch but I don't want a big meal. In the end, I can not maintain my body weight and I hate it! So I will limit my snacks & sweets, I can only have 2-3 snacks each week!

3. Try to eat more fruits
For my close friends, you might already know that I don't like fruits (like, at all. Literally.). So this year, lets do the big changes! I will start eating fruits, even it is small amounts, but it counts!

4. Finish the meal smarter
When I have lunch or dinner, I usually finish the carbs first before finishing the proteins/veggies. This year, lets do the opposite. I will finish the proteins & veggies first, and then finish the carbs if there are still plenty spaces in my stomach.

5. Exercise regularly
Last year, I did Zumba class regularly, but I stopped after a while, because my other activities that keeps me from going to the gym. This year, let's re-start it again. I installed some apps in my phones that help me exercise regularly for 15-30mins a day, and I promise you it's an easy moves for such a beginner like me.

There you go, a promise to myself that I will treat my body better this year. Hopefully it turns out well!