This Year I'm Grateful for..

1. My health

2. The sun, the trees, the waters

3. My family's happiness (they are all that matters)

4. My best friends' happiness

5. Met new friends here and there

6. A high jump on work (a lot of stress, but I'm getting there)

7. Nailed my freelance job

8. Started getting endorsed & jobs in photography

9. First time got invited to a Fashion Event! 

10. The holidays; the mountains, the beaches, all of it.

11. Good music & good food through out the year

12. Engaged to the man I love

13. To love & feel loved

14. To laugh & have good memories

15. Good times & bad times

I can say 2017 is such a great year for me, one of the greatest. And I can't wait what 2018 has to offer. So bring it on, 2018. I am beyond ready.

❤ K

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