Gift Ideas for Your Last-Minute Rush


Christmas is around the corner but you don't have enough time to buy some gifts? Worry not, I've got some ideas that can be useful for your last minute rush! Scroll down and read!

Beauty Hampers
The easiest and fastest way will be going to the nearest drugstore or beauty store, and get a gift package of 3-4 products that is useful for daily usage. Beside it looks pretty, everybody loves it!

If you want to be thoughtful enough, go buy a book for your loved ones. Pick out the best-selling books and give a little personal touch by writing down a short message on the first page. They will sure love their gifts!

Cozy Shawls
I mean, who doesn't love cozy shawls? It's pretty, useful, and also easy to find in your favorite offline or online stores. Perhaps choose the one with their favorite color? <3

Scented Candles
Lets be honest, everybody is talking about it! Me myself love some scented candles, especially the ones with the soft & not-so-strong scents. You can find it easily in some home&living stores. Close your eyes & think about the person who you want to give this gift when you're choosing the scents! 

You might or might not agree, but those gift ideas always save me & always bring happiness to the person who receives it. May you have a happy & blessed Christmas, everyone! Cheers!

♥ K

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