How I Wear Stripes

I'm starting to realize how many stripes clothing I have in my wardrobe. Shirts, tees, dress, blazer, until belts & shoes.Well, why not? 

Stripes will always be timeless and some kind of "neutrals" compliment to the outfits. Unlike other patterns, stripes will look good along with other items (or even with other patterns!). When going to a store, or scrolling down an online-shop, I always stop when there's some stripes basic staples and consider if I need it or not (since I already have a lot..) and ended up adding a new item to my wardrobe. But in the other hand, stripes will never failed you. It makes you look instantly classic & cool, without looking "too much". Admit it, you at least need 1 or 2 basic stripes items in your closet! 

This time, I'm taking out my current favorite stripe shirt from Pomelo Fashion! The cutting is a bit loosey & vintage, so no more further discussion, I'm sold! Pairing them with my straight-cut jeans & adding a matching belt (which is included in the set) & a pair of vintage sunglasses.

Stripes and jeans, sounds like an ultimate weekend outfit for me! See you in my next post, loves!

❤ K

Top and Jeans by POMELO, Shoes by adidas, Sunglasses by realfashionlvrs

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