Not a #Girlboss. But Gettin' There!

Hello! How was life? For my close friends, you might already know that I've been working, working and working these past few months. I got my crazy full-time job, also another freelance social media job, still managing to blog and to do photo shoot in my spare time, and also preparing a special project (that include handmade thing, if I can tell you.). Crazy, huh? 

I am not a #girlboss yet, but I'm trying to live with that such of crazy level of business. I teach myself to always be happy when I'm busy. To enjoy things, not to stress things out. To give myself a pure happiness for doing what I love to do. And to always be grateful for having a lot of work to do, while some other people don't. 

Vintage LBD, Coat by atsthelabel, Shoes by adidas, Bag by Kalani, Sunnies by Forever21

So, what's the best thing a #girlboss can wear for those crazy busy days? My pick goes to the comfiest LBD ever, and layer it with long outer like this earth-tone coat. Because we ladies have to be on the run, I pick sneakers over heels. Not to mention, I'm carrying it all with big tote bag and complete the look with sunnies. (Oh, and messy bun all the way!) 

Talking about being busy, this past few weeks have been the craziest busy week ever. And I don't have enough time to spend a day shopping. But no worries, now we can shop easily online, right? We all know that towards the end of year, there are a lot of interesting promotions here and there. One that I can not hardly wait is HARBOLNAS 2017 in Zalora Indonesia on December! It's the perfect time to sit down, scroll down, and shop away! By the way, you can check the awaited 12/12 promotion from Zalora here. 

So girls, get your shopping list & your #girlboss attitude ready!

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