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Last week I got a chance to try the not-yet-launched menu from @warunghaloniko in their outlet! I met the owner, Niko & Mbak Kika in person, they are very nice and warm. They don't make us feel like we are talking to the owners, but it feels like we are talking to old friends or families! Because they just got back from a 1-month holiday in Greece, they gathered us together to try out the fresh recipe from Niko's hometown.

We started our lunch with Greek salad as appetizer. Unlike the salad that they already have, this one have many various salad in one plate, and they serve it with gyros. My favorite was the eggplant salad that taste oh-so-delicious!  

Greek Salad
Going forward to the main courses, we tried 2 main courses. The first one is some kind of lunch-wrap, consist of bread, salad, and chicken inside it. The second one is called 'Love Boat'. It's some kind of cheesy-pizza but it shaped like a boat. Both are my favorite!

Lunch Wrap with Chicken and Sausage!

What's a lunch without dessert? Finally, we had this special Greek dessert with Kataifi inside it. (In Indonesia we call it bihun, but in Greece it can be served as sweet dessert or either savory dish.) The texture is so unique, but I really love the creamy topping on top of it!

The Delicious Love Boat

Kataifi Dessert

To celebrate our event on that day, we close the lunch session with some kind of great Greece shot, Yamas! 


Lovely Decoration in front of Warung Halo Niko

If you are curious enough to try the authentic taste from Greece,  you might as well visit this comfy restaurant! 

See you in my next post, loves!

❤ K

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