Simplicity with a Twist

Hey hey! In my previous post, I told you my current favorite colors. And now I'm going to tell you my current favorite pieces! For some of you who follow my blog since day 0, can you guess my favorite style/piece?

I'm all about simplicity, classic, timeless pieces. I love turtlenecks, culottes, deep V-cut shirts, stripes, and of course, scarf and white sneakers. But sometimes, simple pieces could be boring and just too plain. No worries! You can adjust and play a bit so you will still look fab and effortlessly cool.

This time, instead of a plain white sleeveless shirt, I'm choosing a white blouse with ribbon and loose oversized-cuts. You might guess that I'm pairing it with my favorite culotte but no! Not this time. As you know from my last post, my current favorite colors are green, olive, and nude tone. So I'm choosing the green tailored pants with slit details on both sides.

Tops and Pants by atsthelabel, Shoes by adidas
My point is, if you like dressing down and don't like over-dress just like me, you might as well want to get those perfect simple pieces, but with a little details and a little twist. No more boring outfits when you can be effortless but unique at the same time!  

See you in my next post, loves!
❤ K

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