Part 2 - The Labor


Stepping into early of my 38th weeks, I began to feel severe pains in my belly. And the pain was getting stronger overnight. Thinking that my body would go into labor soon, we made our way to the hospital at 10 AM, nearly just 15hrs after the first contraction. And yes, the doctor said the baby will be here soon, like, today. 

We were both in shock because we didn't expect it to be so soon. We were excited but we didn't know what to do just yet. We couldn't believe that on that exact day - we will meet our baby for the first time. We will be parents. We were very, very nervous but also very excited at the same time. 

On that day, the doctor said that the baby was tangled by its cord so I decided to have a c-section to minimize the trauma. Oh well - all mothers have choices and we all are mothers anyway. The doctor decided to do the operation at 1 PM. I was so nervous. 

That day, my body went through everything I never thought I'm capable of. It feels surreal. But once I hear that tiny voice crying, my tears broke down and I can't help but smiling ear to ear. My little baby B is here. The one who I've carried for the last 9 months. The one who I've always wondered how he'd look like, how tiny is he, how wonderful is he. And the one who finally- completes my life. And for once, my heart is full.

26.05.2019 01:27 PM
Hello, Ananda Baradjiwa. 🖤

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  1. So touching. Love.

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