Part 1 - The Journey


Since we figured out that we are expecting, we did our best to keep my body & the baby healthy. I was so lucky that I didn't feel nausea during my whole pregnancy, not a bit. I was doing just fine. I even still travel here and there from the beginning of my pregnancy until I was in my 25th week. I gained a lot - but luckily it was still enjoyable and I just love how amazing that a woman can carry a new life, in her body.

On our 16th week, the doctor said that the baby will be a boy. I was overwhelmed with happiness. I always wanted my first child to be a boy, I don't know why. And since the beginning of my pregnancy, some part of me always says that it's gonna be a boy. And oh boy, the prayer is answered. 

By the time we hit our 7th months, we started preparing everything to welcome the baby. It was a very exciting moments for us as a soon-to-be parents!

If I can put it in words, I was very lucky during my pregnancy. It was a wonderful and joyous 9 months. 🖤

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