As Ramadhan started, all of us have something to think about. Something to reflect, and something to learn. This year, I got so many things in my mind. Since these past few months have been like a roller-coaster, and next year everything will be different. So this is the perfect time for me to reflect & make time to think about everything I should learn. I might as well write it down for you. 
1. Be grateful
I know that I need to learn to be more grateful. At most times, I feel bad & angry about stuffs. But like wise man says, everyone is fighting their own battle. Everyone is doing the same. That makes me realize that I just have to be grateful, every single time. I just have to realize that I am blessed & I don't need to feel bad about anything. I still have to remind myself all the time to be grateful, but you know, I'm getting there.

2. Make distance with negativity
This is what I learn the most about interacting with other people. That there are so many people that doesn't do you any good. These kind of people just complains about everything, make you feel disrespected & make you feel bad. Believe me, honey, you don't need this kind of people. We have to realize that we don't have to listen to those kind of negativity. Not only in real life, but also in social media. We can slowly make some distance with every kind of negativity. 

3. Forgive yourself
This is the hardest part of self-love. We all have things that we regret, and we all have things we wish we didn't do. But like, that's how life goes. You do right, you learn something. You do wrong, you learn something too. That's the moment I realize that there's always silver lining of everything in life, and that makes me think that it's okay to forgive myself and it's important to move forward, with all the learning in hand. 

I hope this thoughts can help anyone who needs it. See you in my next post, loves! 

♥ K

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