Current Trends I Will & Will Not Do

Hello, welcome back to my blog!

This time I'm writing about current trends that are everywhere, and I will let you know which one I will and will not do among those trends. So lets jump right in!


Mini Shades
I love mini shades! Especially the vintage ones. Well I'll admit they are pretty useless but they are cute for your photo shoot, and it is so easy to create a vintage-street-style look just in 1 second with these type of sunglasses. Obviously, not recommended for shade-purpose during tanning or sunbathing, but yeah - that's kinda the point. 

Layering Necklaces
I saw this trend everywhere, and since I'm currently obsessed with extra accessories, I dig this trend a lot! I think it's kinda nice to wear with v-neck top or you can just leave few buttons off of your shirt, and these layers of necklaces will turn the whole look into a bit formal but also a bit edgy in the end. 

Baggy Pants
Well if you know me, you know I love to wear everything oversized. And yes, baggy pants are back! I think they are pretty cool for a casual look, you can just style it with a basic tee and denim jacket. I'm currently eyeing some cargo pants & wide-leg 'daddy' pants to buy. So if you know any, ping me!


Fanny Pack
I don't need to talk much about it - you know, fanny pack is literally everywhere. Everyone is wearing it on their chest area so it'll look more edgy and cool. Don't get me wrong, I love it, but just not for me. (Like can you imagine me wearing a fanny pack?.)

Puffed Sleeves
Actually I'm loving these puffed sleeves back on trend! They look really nice and give an extra feminine touch into your look. But I just don't think it makes my silhouette looks good, because I think they highlight my shoulders and my arms, and those kind of clothes just don't make me feel confident. 

Net Summer Bag
I'm a summer girl, but this trend is obviously not for me. I mean, they look cute but not practical at all. I prefer to go out with rattan bag, than wearing net summer bags. Plus its not wearable to daily office looks (at least for me.).

There you go! Noticing that I'm such a classic & vintage person, I only embraced the ones that are timeless for me. But that's just my opinion about the current trends, obviously you can wear it if you like it and just don't wear it if you don't like it.

See you in my next post, loves!

♥ K

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