A year older, a year wiser. 

I turned 24! (I know sometimes I look older, it's the stress.) 23 has been a very very great year for me, I must say. I am beyond grateful for everything that happened last year. An exciting job, lovely friends, and so many other things to be thankful for. 

It is not always good times last year. There are also a lot of up & downs, thick & thin, health & sickness, good times & bad times. There are times when I cried my eyes out, and there are also times I laughed 'till my stomach hurts.

If I learned something from last year, it would be that I need to stay collected & tell myself that everything is gonna be okay, eventually. That God created this amazing plan for me and only me, and I have to believe in that. I also learn that we can not please everyone, therefore I need to calm down & let go, sometimes.
Also, I have to realize that I'm worth it. That I'm good enough & loved enough. Sometimes I take things for granted and starting today, it's a promise to myself that I'll be the new me, wiser & better.

Cheers for an adventurous & wonderful year ahead! May this Aquarius Girl always feel happy & blessed.

As a special birthday treat for myself, I'm spending my birthday in Bali. Will tell you more about this trip on my next post. Adios!


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