What's Next After Saying Yes?

After saying 'Yes' to the man I love few months ago and had an intimate private meetings of the 2 families in the following month, now what's next?

Both of us have zero idea of what comes first, what to be prepared, and so many other random stuffs. But lucky us, we're so thankful to have wonderful parents that really support us & also beloved friends who got our backs all the time.

Let's start with the date, the place, and the concept of our dream wedding. We are always dreaming of an intimate wedding with only close friends, and an unforgettable night where it's not only the two of us who celebrate the happiness, but we also want all of our friends & families can feel the happiness too. We're dreaming of a small party and gathering people who are important for our lifes and love us as much as we love them.  

But for this moment, we are so happy. Excited. Blessed. We might not know what's gonna happen next, we don't know how busy we will be, and how many arguments & conflicts will come up during the wedding preparations. But to go through it all with the man who's crazy enough to wanting to go through all the mess with me, I am beyond ready. 

♥ K

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