The Ultimate List of a 23-Year-Old Girl’s Style Savers

Well I was thinking about giving you a list of 2017 trends but forgive my lazy ass, it is probably too late lol. So I’m just gonna write about anything that I want (again), which is: Style Savers – the ultimate guide for your style when you are so lazy to get dressed.  It is a topic I’ve been asked about – how to make your simple style look fabulous and effortless without being too much. Well, for that you don’t have to master all the fashion knowledge, you only have to know the perfect style-savers for your style! 

Remember those days when you don’t feel like dressing up? – It’s when the only thing you want to wear is something loose, flowy, comfy, and yet you still want to get the effortlessly stylish look. So here is my take on getting dressed without putting too much effort, and still get the fashionable set of outfit! Take a look of these 4 top style-savers:

Add scarves
I know I’ve been saying this a lil too much but I could not handle not to tell you guys too add pretty scarf to maximize your look! It will change your tees-and-jeans to a whole new fashionable look! Tips: If you’re wearing basic tees, wear colorful or pattern scarves, and if you wear colorful or printed tees, grab your warm-colored scarf.  Scarves are my number one style savers! 

Accessorize it up
If you don’t like to wear scarves, adding some accessories will got you covered. Don’t wear too much, one or two bangles with a pair of earrings will be enough. Or, you can also wear your favorite necklace with those pretty pendants to spark up your look.

Play with ‘unique’ pieces
And it’s also okay if you don’t like wearing too much accessories. Then my tips for you will be: play with unique pieces! Get yourself a basic shirt or tees with that low V-neck to show your neckline, or grab a basic tee with rough cut to get the attention. You can also play with some details like ruffle, pleats, or lace. Or perhaps, the shirt with the unique sleeve! 

Complete with cute bags
Final tips, don’t forget to wear your favorite cute bags! If you don’t want to look too much, wear a basic sling-bag for a casual look, or a pretty clutch for a formal look that match your shoes and you’re good to go! – To save you some time, try to own more-neutral-toned bags as your style-savers, so they will get along with all your clothes!   

Top by Nabo, Jeans by Giordano, Bag by Dresstokill

These 4 tips always save my style, for any occasion. Perhaps you might want to give it a try. So how about you? What is your ultimate style-saver? Share with me! 

Any idea about what I should share with you next? Feel free to let me know by leaving a comment below!  So, see you in my next post, loves! Stay fab! xx

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