Backstage and Beyond


So you’ve probably heard.. me and my boyfriend started a new project: we started a YouTube channel! As you know, I always have passion for fashion since forever, and my boyfriend has a passion in photography and videography. And finally, we’ve came to the idea of channeling our passions into something creative and fresh.

After a long discussion, we decided to start our own YouTube channel, called “Backstage and Beyond”. The reason behind the name is we wanted this channel to be our place to share our deep love of fashion and photography, to share you our dreams and passions, and show that whatever your dream is, there is a lot of things ‘behind the scene’ that you should probably be prepared of. And beyond our dreams, there are lots of bigger things that wait along the journey. 

“Backstage and Beyond” will let you know our journey. The baby step until one day we make our dreams come true. As a passionate team, we are really excited to share you our passions! You know, people always love what other people passionate about. 

Because this is what relationship should be. The one that supports each other’s passion, the one that always listens when it gets hard, the one that brings out the best in you. The one that keeps you going and keeps you sane. 

So please enjoy our very first video up in our YouTube channel. Easily search for “Backstage and Beyond Indonesia” or click here for full video. Feedback, comments, or ideas are more than welcome! 

Backstage and Beyond

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