Gift Ideas in this shopping season!


It's December already! Finally the time to shop till drop. Not only shopping for yourself, but also for the beloved family and friends. So here goes the list of my top 5 gift ideas that will never run out of style. Lets check it out!

for her
- Clutch
Every woman needs at least one or two clutches. Unlike bags, clutches generally have the same style that everyone will love. So why not get your best friend a new clutch with her favorite color? 
- Make-up
Admit it, there is no such thing as having too many make-up products!  Perhaps get your sister that new lipstick shades, a contour kit, or a simple one; a fragrance, maybe?
- Scarf
As I said many times before, scarves are just the best style-saver. They make everything looks effortlessly stylish and cute. The good thing is, they come in many choices of colors and patterns. Also, you get to spend less by getting them cute lil scarf!
- Sunglasses
Another suggestion for a gift: a sunglasses! Round, cat-eye, classic, boho, you name it! A sunglasses will always come in handy, so don’t worry, this gift is the ultimate one!
- Personalized items
If you’re looking for something a little more special for a best-friend, a sister, a Mom, get them a personalized gifts! It could be anything like notebook with their favorite colors and designs, a necklace with their initials, a cartooned painting, anything!

for him

- Fragrance
It’s the classic gift for them boys: fragrance! As a gift, it’s a little personal and classy. If he likes to use the sweet scents, perhaps now it’s the time to get him the fresh fruity one!
- Music CDs
All boys and men just love music. They all have a personal taste of music, which they will listen all over and over again. Bringing your dad the new CD of his favorite musician, or a CD of a live concert would be great!
- Hat
If he’s the type of guy who likes to dress nicely with style, don’t worry: a hat will cover! Get him the stylish hat and he will be super happy! 
- Shawl
There is always one thing that a man wants to have but never buy it themselves: a shawl! Because they think they might not need it very often, although it looks cool and stylish. 
- Watch
And if you’re looking for something with a lil fancy touch, the answer is to give them a watch! – The classic one, the sporty one, watches come in various choices of styles and colors! Pick the one that suits him the best. 

There you go, five ultimate guide about gift for her and him! - Let me know if it works out!

See you in my next post, loves!

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