Getting ready for 2017

Don’t you think time goes faster these days? It feels just like yesterday that I wrote about my 2016 resolutions, and now we’re just few days away from New Year ’s Eve, crazy huh?

From a bunch of 2016 resolutions lists, I can proudly say that 80% is done! 1. I got a job, a job that I really enjoy and really love, 2. I lived a healthy and organized life, started to move my lazy ass and start exercising, and 3. I wrote more often! This goal is already reached, as this year I really got a job just from writing, nothing can make me happier! The one thing that is not done this year is: to have my own clothing line. I guess this one needs to be taken more seriously and need a lot of times and efforts. So let’s save it as one of my 2017 resolution!

Next year, my resolution is to gain more skills, could be related to my work, my hobbies, to sum it up, anything related to my future.  Another goal is to start my own clothing line, and God, I want to start saving for my own place! This one is the biggest goal of all, but yes I’m 22 and now it’s the right time to start living by myself (well I lived by myself during college but its kinda different).

Looking at all the goals, I believe next year would be huge, it will be awesome and amazing, I know that big goals mean a lot of struggles, happy and sad tears, but I’m ready. Here goes 2017, I’m excited to see what will happen next year!

What is your resolution for 2017? Don’t be afraid to dream big. We have big adventure ahead of us, darling! 

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