Out for a morning coffee

Yup, that's what I always do on the weekend. During weekdays, the closest thing to morning coffee that I can get is a black tea while in a rush to the office and hopping from one work to another. On the weekend, I always spend my morning with my boyfriend, who is a huge fan of coffee, while I'm the one who is in love with tea. We talk for hours and hours over coffee, catching up with everything that's been happening in a week.

Life has been wonderful these past few weeks. I've been busy, but super very happy. Learning a lot of things from people around me, growing and taking every chance. I am in love with the 'me' now. I'm so close to say that this year is 'my year'. 

Top by H&M, Jacket by Pull&Bear, Jeans by Giordano, Shoes by Something Borrowed

For an easy Sunday morning, I prefer to wear something comfortable, yet stylish, classic, and casual in the same time. Again, my major saviour: turtleneck! When I dont feel like dressing up too much, I only pair it with double denim: denim pants and denim jacket. To get the boyish look, I'm takin out my leather buckled loafers! In case you're wondering, this one can go well with everything.

Anyway, I'm planning on doing make-over on my hair. Any idea? Write down below!
Psst.. another lookbook is coming out soon!


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