Being a city girl

Dear all my readers,
This post is not like the kinda post I've written before. This is not a fashion guide, this is not a suggestion, this is not anything related to being a blogger. This is a thought, long long thought about how life has been.

So.. After 4 and a half years being in the glorious old-town of Yogyakarta, now I'm back to this town. Jakarta. A city that never sleeps. A promising city for everyone who struggles. But also, a very lonely city in the lonely hours. So many people. So many places. So many things to do. But also, so little time. So little spaces. 

This city is amazingly beautiful and meaningful, but in the same time awkwardly busy and lonely. The way I love Jakarta is different from the way I love Yogyakarta. Anyway I love both. Both are my home. 

I am now a blogger, working as a full-time Merchandising Manager for an e-commerce start-up in Jakarta, and also, I am a blog contributor and now I'm gonna start planning my own label. Yes, you're right. I am now having multiple jobs. Wonder how can I handle it?

Now, I work in this city and still busy go back and forth to Yogyakarta because of my multiple jobs. Never have I felt any doubt in having two jobs in the same time. Never have I felt tired and overloaded. I enjoy this and I have so much fun! I always wake up in the morning feeling excited, wondering what will I learn by the end of the day, who will I meet, what will I done. I love working and exploring new opportunities, especially in fashion. It's my passion, it makes me happy. So if you ask "if money didn't exist, will you still get up every morning and do what you do for a living?". My answer will be, "yes, of course 100% yes. Why the hell not?".

I know this journey is not forever. It's always a start for whatever happens next. But now, I'm enjoying this ride. I'm enjoying every single day, I'm making the best of it. I am a city girl. This is what I do, this is how I do.

And you should, too.

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