The day we celebrate

Yes we all know, Lebaran is around the corner! Like every other year, I celebrate it happily! Ramadhan is a month full of joy, mercy, and blessing. The month that every moment is shared together, the month that nobody left behind, and the month when everyone is having a good time. What else can you ask for more?

Pants by Hibridity, Shoes by Mollinic, Bags by LYKE

In my family, we always have this tradition to gather around every year and we have so many festive food, cakes, cookies, and many more. We also share wishes, play games, and sing along together until late at night. We also sometimes have this cousin-night sleepover from the Lebaran eve, we play games and laugh until we're asleep. Even though we are now all grown up, we always look forward to this day, the day we celebrate. 

The other reason why I love this month is because during Ramadhan, I'm meeting my friends almost every weekend. Sometimes we go shopping, or watching movies, and have dinner (breakfasting) together. And its kinda different from any other weekends, because this month we share the same feelings of happiness and joy. And for a girls day out, what could be better than wearing something comfy yet stylish? (And we also decided to wear black color themed that day.) 

I pair my to-go culottes pants with black t-shirt and black ankle-strap shoes. To carry all my stuffs, I prefer to use a large bag. And to add some color, I also wear a nice colorful scarf to spark it up a bit! (You know, scarf always come in handy!). But sometimes to attend an event during Ramadhan, I also wear some kaftans or tunics, which I usually get through online shopping. And do you know that now Zalora also provide many choices of muslimwear for your Lebaran outfit? If you haven't got the perfect outfit yet, no worries now. Directly check out Zalora's Lebaran Collections and go get one!

How about you? How do you spend your Ramadhan and also Lebaran day? Whatever and with whoever it is, I hope everyone is having the best time this year. Also from the deepest of my heart, I would like to apologize for every words and mistakes, let all be clear and start from the beginning again! 

And btw, happy holidays ladies <3


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