Rock 'em flare jeans!

Hi all! Sorry I’ve been busy with few things and also go back and forth Yogyakarta – Jakarta. But all this business, it’s been fun and exciting for me. Learning new things everyday has been a wonderful experience. Oh and you know, I am now contributing for one of the biggest and most inspiring local shoes brand (I know some of you might have known about it, but I am announcing it soon in my blog!).

Turtleneck by Uniqlo, Flare Jeans by Uniqlo, Shoes by Lacoste

By the way, for you guys who have been following up my instagram account, you must’ve known that my recent color palette is: white! Yes, I am now recently in love with all white pieces. Of course, to make it more exciting and less-boring, I combine them with colorful and playful outfit. For this one, I am wearing my broken white turtleneck and pair it with my most worn-out flare jeans, both are from Uniqlo!

The thing about rocking flare jeans is, you must figure out the perfect top to fit the jeans. I suggest two tricks to rock your flare jeans: first, is to pair them with body-fit tops, like turtlenecks and tuck-in the tops. The second one, is to pair them with your favorite flare-long blouse (I suggest thigh-long) and complete them with heels. There you go, two tips on rocking your flare jeans!

So ladies, what are you waiting for? Put on your flare jeans and dare to be different! <3

Photos by Akhzan
Location TOF Sicacilla, Jakarta

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