The classic 'New year, new you'

Yeay it's 2016! What are you up to? How was your 2015? Did the plans and the resolutions work out? Mine has been amazing! Of course there are some struggles, some hard times, but they did pass by, you know.

Here are some highlights of my year: The first is I started writing and observing more often for this blog. People are noticing me, and my passion for fashion. This for me is a blessing, an inner satisfaction, a precious joy. The second one is, I finally got my Bachelor of Science degree! I am still amazed, still feelin the struggles like it was just yesterday. This moment marks me, to go one step ahead to be whatever I wanna be. In the future, I may or may not work in Science world, but I know with this degree, I can go anywhere life takes me. I am so blessed and I wanna thank everyone who helped me, cheered me up, and got me through the sleepless days. The last one is I reached my goal to be wiser in making decisions, to be mature enough to think about every problems, and to take a better care for myself. They say you need to love yourself first, and everything else will fall in line. And it proved! I started living a more-organized life, tried to be on-time, woke up earlier, had enough sleep and etc. It might look like just simple little things. But trust me, these simple little things can make your life better, make you feel happier, make you able to focus on your days and reaching your goals. And also, somehow the universe will give you ways, chances, opportunities that you’re not expecting.

Sweater by SWEAP, Babyblue shirt by Forever21, Bag by Dowa, Shoes by Mollinic

For 2016 resolutions, I plan to seek for a job and maybe start my own clothing line. I also plan to stay living a healthy and organized life. And of course, I promise you to write more often! Hey, do you have ideas what I should be writing about? Shoot me an idea, leave me an email or comment below! I believe 2016 will be huge. It will be fantastic and I can’t wait to see what I’ll have next year!

See you, sweethearts. May the new year brings the new you! <3

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  1. Anonymous5/1/16

    hi girl, I'm happened to bound into your blog. Nice starter as fashion blogger. How about do 12 Days Blogger Challenge? Kindly visit my blog to see how it looks

    1. Hi! Thank you for the feed back. Love your blog as well! 12 days blogger challenge is a good idea, thank you <3