Trend Forecast 2016!

Hello! This time I'm reporting the most important issue of the month: Trend Forecast 2016! I'm so excited <3

I have to remind you that this trend forecast is all from my observation, you may or may not follow all the lists. This report is basically just from some news I've read in internet, so please just enjoy!

- the Denim we love!
Denim is never out of date, right? The good thing about denim is we can wear it with any kind of mix and match, to any occasion, anytime. From what I've read, there will be two basic denim style happening in 2016. They are: denim patchwork jeans and flare jeans! Here's a tips: wear the flare jeans with a crop top, and you're good to go! Love love love them both. I think I'm gonna get one, too!

- Chic Rose and Serenity colors
The trending color report is my favorite part, and for 2016, I am super loving the colors! Both are pastels colors, my favorite colors: Rose and Serenity Blue! Been reading about these two colors that happening on runway, and I can't wait any longer to wear them :D

- Victorian high-neck
This too, is my favorite classic piece. You may notice I'm a big fan of those turtle-neck tops and sweaters from my previous posts, and here goes, for 2016, Victorian high-neck is trending! From runway to street style, anyone can wear this vintage-classic inspired pieces. Go get yours!

I know it's not much but I hope it helps some of you who have been wondering what to wear in 2016. Those three styles above are my favorite from '2016 trending', and I'm looking forward to post some fashion pictures in 2016. Keep reading my blog, and leave a comment or an e-mail if you have some questions!


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