Figuring Out Your Personal Style

Hello people! Thanks for keep reading my blog, since I haven’t got many time to post anything within’ last few months because I was out of town to do some researches for my thesis. I really really really hope you guys can wish me tons of lucks! There’s been a lot going on in last few months. I’m struggling with all these college-thingy and still keeping up with everything in social media and fashion industry.  I’m also planning on some major projects coming up very soon in my blog (hint: a lookbook!). 

By the way, last few months I was traveling around for vacation and for my thesis research. I was soooo held up and got many many things to do. But as the bonus, I get to meet my fellow high school friends from ages ago! The funny thing is they have been keeping up with my blog and asking me about my personal signature style and tips and tricks about fashion. It is lovely to know people noticing your efforts :)

Talking about personal style, my style is more like a lil bit edgy a lil bit feminine and a lil bit classic. Edgy means I like it fierce, I like combining styles in unusual and unexpected ways. I like stuffs that’s weird, unique, but also simple and go along with everything. Feminine means that I like everything girly, even when I wear sneakers, I match it with skirts or dresses. And when I wear boyfriend pants or oversized shirts, I match it with handbags and pointed shoes. And classic means that I love love love everything that timeless, and if I wear it 3 or 5 years later, it still matches everything and doesn’t look ‘so yesterday’.

If you ask me how to figure out your signature style, I’d say go for everything you like and feel comfortable in it. If you like it colorful, that’s okay. If you like it boyish, that’s okay. It’s about figuring out what style match your personality and what makes you feel beautiful, makes you feel comfortable, makes you feel ‘YOU’ :)

See you guys in the next post, I will be writing about my travel diaries to Bromo and Bali! <3
Psst.. Don’t forget to leave me a comment below, or kindly email me for a feedback :)

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  1. hi, K. I'm so inspired with blogpost of yours. Can't wait to see your coming up lookbook!

    1. Hi Nadira, thank you for taking time reading my blog. Yes, the lookbook is coming up very soon! <3