Breezy days in Bromo

Traveling never been this good! I was on vacation few days before Ied (on July 2015). Me and my whole family went to Bromo!

The beautiful Bromo view <3

We stayed at a very nice hotel called ‘Java Banana’. FYI, this is the hotel they use every year for the event called ‘Jazz gunung’. It was such a very very very beautiful hotel! It was quiet and very relaxing. We only stayed for two days one night. But it is enough for a pleasing short vacay.

The nice weather meets the nice view

One of the hotel's bungalow

Having brother-sister bonding time

Afternoon snacks and tea-time!

On our first day of staying, we didn’t do much because we arrived at noon. We were just relaxing in our rooms and strolling around the hotel to take some photos. The next day, we woke up very early at 3 AM to go on a tour called ‘sunrise tour’. We went there by a jeep and it was sooooo freaking cold. I wore two t-shirts and covered them with a soft yellow knitted sweater, plus a thick shawl, and it was still very cold.

Soft yellow knitted sweater by Sweap Knitwear

We enjoyed catching sunrise at the top of the hiking track. But unfortunately it was so crowded so there wasn’t any good picture of the sunrise :( After that, we got to a tour to the Mount Bromo itself. We can walk or ride a horse to get to the top of the mountain. There were so many stairs, but it all paid off after we reached the top and enjoyed all the beautiful view!

They love taking jump-shots!

Sadly we couldn’t stay long enough because we had to get back to the hotel and continue our journey to Bondowoso to celebrate Ied (the next day).

Over all, it was a very pleasing holiday, with a very cold weather but a very warm greeting from Bromo :)

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