What Happened in Sep & Oct (My #100th Post!)



As you can see in the title, I finally got to my 100th post in my blog! (Yay!)

I really want to say thank you for each and any of you who read this post, these words, meaning that I still write something worth for you guys to take some time and read this. So yes, thank you, thank you, and thank you! 

Okay, September 2018. What happened. Yes, a lot of things happened in September; moving in with the husband, starting my brand new job as senior campaign associate, busy Tersirat jobs - in case you didn't know, this is my photography & videography project -, and so much more. 

Moving in with my husband
Let me break it down to you, it's a lot harder than I think! We got to discuss on so many things; what to eat, who cleans the room, what to buy, etc. Even until simple thing like doing laundry and washing the dishes, we do it together and the hard thing is to make time for it. As you know, we both work a full-time job 9 to 5 and in the evening we kinda just crashed because we're tired. Despite the hustles, it is a lot of fun to finally live together with your loved one. I feel like nothing to worry, I feel like there's so many fun moments just chillin in the couch and watching youtube or movies. Just livin life. 

Starting a new job
The question is: again? Yes. I switched job from e-commerce & marketplace to working in a fashion brand. As a fashion enthusiast, it always triggers me to seek for more & learn for more. And it is such an honour for me to finally scored a job at one of the most popular fashion brand in Indonesia. I get to learn a lot about how they work, how they approach the market, and how they set their goal. It is exciting! 

Tersirat jobs
I am so happy that now my mini project is getting busier and busier! We started this business because one of my friend really likes our instagram feed & our youtube videos. She reached out to me and asked me if we wanted to take photo & video on her engagement, since then, we started thinking to start the business right away. And after few months, people started to notice us and we scored some jobs time by time. So I am really grateful to be doing what I love to do and make something out of it.(If you read this and you need a photographer/videographer, you know where to call!)

There's a lot more happened in September, but this post won't do the justice. So let me keep it and will share it to you sometimes in the future. See you in my 101th post next week, loves! 

♥ K

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