July Favorites


How are you? I hope you are good, and if you ask me, to be honest, I'm beyond nervous! It's already the beginning of August, which means.. I'm getting married in couple weeks. Crazy, huh? To end July in a high note, I'm sharing you my monthly favorites, as always. So here goes!

If you know me in person, I'm not a kind of person that use full heavy make-up everyday, but when I wanted to, I put on blush here and there. And you should know, this blush stick by Rollover Reaction is everything! It called Halolight Luminizing Stick in Roseate Glow, its not their latest product, but I just tried it and I've been obsessed with it ever since. The size is small so its easy to carry, and the color really suits my skin perfectly. It looks a bit shimmery on the stick, but when you apply it on your face, it gives you the healthy-glow without being too much. Go try it yourself to see how it turns out. The second product that I've been wearing a lot is Biore UV Protection as my sunscreen. At first I thought its overrated since everyone is using it, but when I try it myself, wow I was surprised. The smell is very fresh, it doesn't get sticky on my oily skin, and it is also really good to cover your skin from too much sunlights. So by far, this is my favorite sunscreen, even more from my Laneige sunscreen.

I've been wearing one particular T-shirt like all day, to be honest. It's not quite the "latest" collection, from @shopatvelvet. The T-shirt is white with the "1990s" written on it. It's just a simple piece you can pull off anytime, and surprisingly the white cotton is not really see-through. (Which I think its pretty hard to find for white t-shirt). So yes, I've been wearing this a lot lately, you might also see it on the gram when I wear it to #WTF18, because it is that comfy!

This month, I've been listening to a lot of songs in repeat, so I thought will be good to share with you a long list of my current playlist. 
- Midsummer Madness by 88RISING
- Le Cienega by Joji ft. Niki (this Niki girl is keep coming with good songs!)
- Come Over by The Internet
- Winter Song by Isyana Sarasvati
Go give it a listen, I bet you'll love it as much as I love it! 

There you go, my July Favorites. The next thing you know, on the next August Favorites I'll be somebody's wife! (As cheesy as it might sounds, I'm super excited yet nervous.) See you in my next post, loves! 

♥ K

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