Wedding Count Down: 1 Month!


Hi guys!

As you can see on the title, yes, the wedding is happening in 1 month! Don't ask me how it feels because I honestly can not explain what I feel now. It's a mixture of excitement, happiness, a bit of worry, "not-knowing-what-will-happen-next", and lots and lots of other feelings. 

After I look back to my life in the previous years, suddenly I realize that I've been living my best best  best life. I had a blessed life & now it's time for me to change my life from being single, to being someone's wife. There will be soooo many changes in my life, I obviously can not tell you now because I don't know yet, but there will be a blog post about that, too, of course. 

I've been dating my man, my best friend, for more than 6 years now. And for the past 2 years, I learnt a lot, being a working girl and balancing professional & personal life. It is a blessed that I have a job that I love, family that is supportive, friends who are fun, and my man, who's crazy enough to be with me through thick and thin.

I've been living on my own for the past 2 years. It's me, myself, and I who supports my own financial life. And also I've been living alone since the very first day I got a job. Yes, I'm working in Jakarta and my family is in Bekasi, which is not so far and you guys might think why didn't I just live in Bekasi. And actually, I thank God that I live on my own, away from my parents, for these past 2 years. I learnt a lot on being independent, on being able to wake up, get ready, get breakfast, go to work, and all until I go home and go to bed at night - all on my own. I don't depend on others for every aspect in my life. And I thank God that I've made the decision to live on my own. Because now, I'm ready to really be "on my own" after marriage. Now I see what's the point that foreigners have this habit to always get out of their homes after they turns 18. And I thank God for that. 

So yes, the journey to the wedding day has been very exciting, yet surprising me with all these mature thoughts lately. All good now, I'm blessed. 

♥ K

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