Mid-year Update: How My 2018 Resolutions Going


June means; half year has passed, and another half is yet to go. So... I think it's the right time to look back and see how my 2018 resolutions going so far. Let's see them and check one by one:

1. Drink tons of water
I can proudly say that this one is so far achieved! I usually drink 1 big bottle of mineral water per day, so its around 1.5 L + more drinks when I go out with my friends (sometimes iced tea or coffee, but I'm trying to use less sugar for this casual drinks.)

2. Limit snacks & sweets
After 6 months, I think that this one is also achieved. I eat less snacks & sweets per day (I tried not to order food in Go-Jek that much now). But still, I eat snacks around 1-2 times per week. 

3. Try to eat more fruits
Unfortunately, it is still so hard for me to eat more fruits. I am more a vegetable person, I can eat like a big portion of vegetables, but I can only eat few pieces of fruits per day. So friends, please help me with suggestions how to force myself to eat more fruits! 

4. Finish the meal smarter
Yup this one is achieved, too! I usually spare a half of my rice portion, but I finish the protein & the vegetables, and also get some milk or vitamin drinks to support my meal.

5. Exercise regularly
Sadly this one is not really 100% achieved. Turns out that it is hard to force myself do some exercise at home, compared to when I had to go to classes that I already paid for. So I'm thinking to register myself again in some studios to get my zumba class & yoga class. Wish me luck! 

And you, how is your 2018 resolutions going so far? I hope all is well and your goals can be reached by the end of the year. So.. see you on my next post, loves!

♥ K

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