April Favorites

Hey loves,

How was your April? I feel like the beginning of the year gone too fast, and its May already. But no worries, there's still time to accomplish your 2018 goals, just hold on and keep going!

Like what I post every end of the month, this time I'm gonna share to you a few of my April Favorites. Let's jump right in:

Since I got my ears pierced, I've been obsessed with earrings! Not so many in the collections yet, but I'm still looking for some local brands that have pretty earrings collection. So kindly let me know if you know any. Beside that, I also got myself a lot of plain tees this month. Not that I'm counting, but on April I already bought 3 tees! I can not stop getting my hands on plain tees, I just love 'em that much. 

If you live in Jakarta, you know how the weather is these days. It is sunny but suddenly its raining, and vice versa. The weather makes my skin very sensitive, and I need some products to 'refresh' it again. My choice would be 2 of my favorite products (ever)! Wardah Vit. C Serum, and face mask from Karados. Both are very gentle to my skin, and it leaves my skin hydrated & brighter. Totally my savior when it comes to dully skin. 

- Easily by Bruno Major
- All to You by Sabrina Claudio
- Something in the Way by Jorja Smith
If you follow my Instagram, you probably know that I've shared these songs a lot of time! But if you don't follow me, you can easily find my Spotify Playlist here. Let me know if you love the songs as well.

That's all! If you wanna know other favorites from me, let me know by commenting in the comment box below. In the mean time, sit back and relax because Ramadhan is coming! 

See you in my next post, loves!

♥ K

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